Monday, May 7, 2007

Today Was Good

Monday is never a blue one for me *wink* the start of work week for some, school week for kids and same as any other day for me!!! :D

Aneesa had a little tummy ache this morning and wanted Mummy to hug her. we cuddled and she fell asleep. didn't send Anis to school as i couldn't leave Aneesa on her own. earlier we said Bye~Bye to Ron. he left for Bali for the next few days. my Gardener husband has some planting to do *wink*

did my Mummy work around the house and managed to get another BamPop piece done. so pleased with it too. don't know how many times i've mentioned it but i LOVE the papers!

and i humbly Thank Jennifer Harrison for picking me to be featured @ 2Peas on NSD. i am thrilled and happy. gives me a really wonderful feeling.

2 Layouts here for today...
Specially for you Salina!
Happy Mother's Day Gift Just for You :)