Friday, August 17, 2007

Shopping In London

*wink* it felt as if we were... we spent the day shopping @ Marks & Spencer's, Topshop and other "English" stores :D the sales are great and got some new outfits for everyone :)

met up with the boys after their Friday prayers and we had lunch @ Thaksin. yup, the famous Thai Beef noodles. yummy!
Duku ~ Langsat
sometimes sweet, sometimes sourish :)
all i talk about is food! but Singapore is a food paradise and everywhere we turn, well almost everywhere, there's a coffeeshop, a hawker centre and food court. we can just not cook and eat out almost daily! :) some places have better tasting food though and for about $3 for a plate of fried noodles or fried rice or something soupy, that's not too bad. so much less expensive than eating @ a fast food joint *wink*

family night for us and we're just chilling out chatting and watching tv with the kids :) Anis is being cheeky as usual...

we'll be out of town! :)

Happy Weekend to All!


Jenn said...

enjoy your trip...Ed :)

Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, enjoy your trip.:)

Have fun, my friend.:)

Natália Corrêa de Almeida said...

Oh God, I would be in paradise with so many foods like you said...

Have a good weekend, Ed!