Thursday, September 6, 2007


took this shot of her when we had dinner @ East Coast. she's 15 now...time really flies! this half German half Indonesian girl is really pretty and sweet. she wants to come stay with us next time on her own and of course we'd Love to have her! :)
A Blessing
Stephanie's cute nephew :)
tick tock and it's already Thursday! managed to get a Groovie Sneak Peek up and just wanted to get it all prepared because Ramadan will be coming real soon! and already got some queries and the usual pre~orders reserved. this one will see some yummy adds! *wink*

asked Stephanie if she felt like coming over in the afternoon for a quick crop instead of being @ Orchard Road with her girls :D didn't we just see each other yesterday??? hehehe... hope you're not tired of me. not yet, maybe! but we'll see less of each other in September/October though. busy busy month!

we had dinner @ our fave teh tarik joint. scrumptious food and really cranky kids!!! not at all of them but we know who they are!!! hehe... well, kids will be silly and so out of the loop when it's bed time. unfortunately, i still have to put up with my 2 year old. "i want...i want!!!" is all i hear all day long! where's that Little Kiddy remote with the Mute button when you need one? *wink*

anyhoo, the best Blessings to be Thankful for. i was interviewed by a few "Aunties" at a coffeeshop this morning. the same old thing...
"your children?"
"you got 4 children?!"
"you so young"
"look like Chinese"
"not Malay???"
"ohhh...that's why. skin so fair one"

i was in a "Good Mood" for the interview during our brunch. i entertained each question that came my way. the couple at the next table turned their heads and listened in too... so what else is new??? hehehe...


Stephanie Mah said...

Lovely LOs.:))

Another groovie day with you and your family.:))

Cheryl Wray said...

Love the layouts!!!
And love that conversation! :-)

Edleen said...

Thanks Stephanie! :)

Thanks Cheryl! :)

raiden's mama :) said...

Hi Ed

Thanks for the lovely lo!
Lunch on Steph hehe