Saturday, September 8, 2007

Let's Makan!

makan: to eat
a well~known word in the Malay language. mention this word and automatically everyone knows what it means :) well, everyone here in Singapore that is *wink* and now you know too!

Hana turned 3 on Friday and this afternoon we met up with Yusida and Birthday Girl @ Parkway Parade for makan. McDonald's was crowded and we had lunch at Banquet instead. these selections are so much yummier than burgers and fries!!! *wink* but can't run away from the Cheesy Fries for the kids though...

Fish TomYum
Yong Tau Foo
Kailan in Oyster Sauce
Grilled Chicken Chop
Cheesy Fries
Steam CakeHappy People :D

Pretty Yusida & Happy Birthday Hana!

then we went here for Ice~Cream, Capuccino and Mocha Frappe :)


after having so much fun shopping and having so much makan, we came back to my place to hang out and had more makan!!! hehe...

our kids watched High School Musical dance steps thingy on Disney Channel. then Muesa, my 10year old son asked if i would make him a table top calendar. so while everyone watched TV, i made him this...
he was so delighted when i gave this to him. it's a simple one i made from a cardboard. i'm Happy that i could do this for my son. i often try not to disappoint my kids whenever they ask for something. when it's a reasonable request! *wink*

Proud of Muesa
on Friday afternoon, Fah called and asked if Muesa could go over to their place to play after Friday prayers. so i said Yes, he could. told M to come home by 4pm and he was late by half an hour. but that's ok. he was having so much fun he forgot :)

i sent Mei a text message to Thank her for having him. what she said in her reply message totally struck a sort of Joy in me, which makes me feel proud of my Son. in her words, she said Muesa is a very polite boy and so well~behaved. he even Thanked her for inviting him over and Fah asked her if they could adopt Muesa to be his brother!!! :D

Umie Loves You Muesa!
Umie Loves All My 4 Kids :)

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Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, what a wonderful Saturday you have!!;))

Food again!!!,so yummy!!

And what a lovely calendar!!
(I want to.:p)