Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday Morning Breakfast

more food photos! :D we went for breakfast at Banquet this morning and everything here under $10 *wink*
Toast With Kaya & Butter
Half Boiled Eggs
Egg Prata With Fish CurryVegetable Spring Roll
September School Break
for a week kids will be having fun, chilling out and taking mine to watch this movie later this evening :)


Sharmaine said...

Yum, my type of breakfast!!
Hope the day has been fun and the rest of the week filled with more :)

Stephanie Mah said...

Oh no food again!!!

You are making me hungry.:))

Enjoy your show.:))

Sri said...

Half Boiled eggs? My fave!

Natália Corrêa de Almeida said...

Food again??? You kill me showing this!!
And I want to watch this movie too!! Is it good??



Jenn said...

Toast With Kaya & Butter, my fav!!