Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby, Kids and Mommies

i saw all these Lovely People over the weekend :)

Gorgeous Baby Durrah, less than a month old

Cute Little Boys

Sweet Little Girls

It's All Relative :D

Tweenagers :)

Beautiful Mommies & Singleton *wink*

we went to TMC and visited Nat who wasn't feeling too well. Jenn & Ed were the tired but caring parents who welcomed me and noisy kids! but Nat was happy to have the company and she was kept entertained for the hour that we were there :D she seems her chirpy self and great news, she'll be going home this afternoon :) *hugs* Sweetie!


Aida Haron said...

Hi Ed !! Great pics of all the beautiful moms and their kids !! Love the photo of Aneesa and Nat.

Cathy said...

What a bunch of beautiful people! Why arn't I there?
Oh, would it be the millions of miles between us!!!!!

Stephanie Mah said...

Great shots!!!

love them all.(:

Jenn said...

Thank you! Ed for visiting Nat in the hospital and yr loving kids kept her entertained...thank you! appreciate it!