Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Guest And Visiting

Yati came to visit this afternoon. we had fun hanging out. i actually planned on cooking some lunch for us didn't happen :( sorry Yati! school hols will be here soon, so i'll be cooking when i'm having a cropmeet :D

Deedah wanted some plants which hubby got for her from the nurseries he frequents. we brought the plants and flowers over to her place. Thankfully she cooked some yummy macaroni for us..hehe :D

some shots i took today,

Yati and Me :D

@ Deedah's

her lovely glass cupboard showing off her pretty albums and altered work of art :)

Deedah's Scrap Corner!

Yummy Delights :)
Prune Lapis Cake

Rose Pineapple Tarts, Makmur and Sugee

Deedah's Fried Macaroni, it was spicy for Yati and me!

Deedah's Fried Samosas

we had a lovely afternoon and i'm glad Yati came. no invitation necessary to come over to my humble abode :) i'll be @ Deedah's again on Saturday for more munchies..hehe *watch out Deedah!*

Signs Of Stress
my computer screen is currently shaking :( i have no clue why but i believe it's telling me it's gonna conk out soon...

i have my MacBook to rely on but i still prefer this big ol PC :D
have you been scrapping? i did another Pink layout in support of Breast Cancer month and it was made with the thought of someone who passed away from it. will try to post it soon as today's blog alone took me almost 2 hours! there was the Error thingy while uploading the photos! oh well, not the end of the world :)

hope your Friday was Fun and Fabulous! :)


Cathy said...

SEND FOOD!!!!! I'm hungry! : )

Stephanie Mah said...

Im drooling..........(:

Edleen said...

who's free next weekend? *wink*

croppin carla said...

WOW that food looks YUMMY...Im hungry too! Love all the scrap booking stuff too! But the food looks better. LOL