Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Attitude

breathe in, breathe out... to have Patience is a real challenge when dealing with a 33mth old who refuses to budge when you tell him to get up, shower, change and everything else. getting a NO with every request just brings up the boiling meter higher and higher!!! :D so...getting the Dad with a fierce tone of voice finally made him move!!! grrr...this little boy, cute and all but when he's being disobedient, not so cute! hehe...
Plans for Today
i really want to start baking today. but instead i've been scrapping... hehe, is that good or bad? but i'm using my stash, so i think it's good :D

Le Sport Sac
these bags, i just Love them! :D

Thank You Aida!
she Loves it!!! :)
Thanks Deedah for your Lovely Card :)
the weather has been back to unpredictable. bright and sunny in the morning and then the sudden heavy downpour... one can fall ill quite easily with our weather change. but Thankfully it's only one of the two, sunny or rain. can't complain.

Aysha took her last exam paper today. *yippee* for her :D now we shall await for the day they'll call us to come and collect their result slips. and the next step would be seeing which choice of Secondary School she wants to go to next year. it all depends on her result.

so i shall stick to my plan.

i shall bake,
i shall bake,
cookies and cake
let's hope i stay awake! :D


Sharmaine said...

Have a darling 32 month old of a different variety who is much the same :)
Love the layout Ed, coolness plus!!
Hope your Monday was magnificant!!

ianz said...

Glad that PSLE over and happy for u...hopefully aysha score well with flying colours!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Your pages look great!!!

Mmm...the baking sounds great!I'm kinda in a baking mood today too. Mayhave to see what I can come up with!!

That age is SO challenging!!! But theyare also so cute!!

Aida Haron said...

Best wishes for Aysha, she's smart, you have no worries !!! As for Anis, still find him adorable, but I don't live with him so ......... *LOL* !!!

Aneesa's necklace is so, so over the top bling and pink, for sure she would like it. Only at that age can you wear something like that right ?????

Cathy said...

Your pictures are so sweet. The one of your daughter with the necklace is stunning. Such a sweet smile.

If you bake, I'm going to get very hungry. When I scrap, I don't require much food. To busy to think of eating.

Pris said...

Haha...reminds me of how M's favourite words now are "No!" and "I don't want"!

Edleen said...

Thanks Everyone :)

the baking didn't happen..hehehe :D