Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mustard Moon Kit

this would be the last kit for our Design Team @ about.com:Scrapbooking. i can't believe it's been a year now and gosh...i will miss being on the team. Rebecca Ludens is a Sweetheart! *hugs* Thanks for the opportunity and it's been a yummy experience for me especially having the chance to work directly with manufacturer kits :)

a & a
circles cut from pp, flowers hand drawn
and cut out. hand drawn stalk of love buds
on white cs and cut out.
Always CuriousLe Fil
which means
Son in French
i created a door hinged with
Mustard Moon ribbon
which has hidden journalling :)
you can view more layouts here, Mustard Moon Scrapbook Page Ideas.

Lunch @ Table Scraps Cafe
haven't lunched there for over a month since Ramadan and new item on the menu Prawn Marinara is one word, Yummy! :D

Thanks for the lovely afternoon Georgina and your petite little Sis! :) met Aida and she joined us for lunch too and we all had a really nice time chatting. the shopping bit was great fun too *wink*

The Click Five

they're in town!!! their song Jenny is my ringtone currently...hehe :D but the one more excited about them being here is of course my 12 year old!


Stephanie Mah said...

Awesome layouts!! and yummy food.(:

Cathy said...

When do you have the time to scrap all of these fantastic LOs, be a mother, go out to eat and be on a DT? You have the energy that I envey!

Edleen said...

Thanks Stephanie :)

Cathy, the secret is...multi tasking! hehe... *wink*

Stef said...

Great LO's Ed.

Oh and yes I did do the tag thingo lol. You proud of me ;))

didi said...

yes Fils it's son !
not fil but fils !
your son is beautiful !