Sunday, November 4, 2007

Baby Album

finally i sat down and managed to complete this Baby album for my friend who recently had their 3rd Baby :) bought a mini file folder and altered it with some layouts of Baby & family using Groovie Java Kit.

Front Cover
Mini Pocket with a Heart BookmarkBookmark on the rightMom will fill in all the details :)made my own journal tag :)
Back CoverThe End

spent the morning in town with my kids :) did some shopping and bought some book vouchers for Muesa's friend who's having a Birthday in the afternoon. we went to our fave theatre for lunch and had these...

Fried Skin Potato Chips with Yummy Cheese

Cheese Melts



as you can see, they're all VERY healthy foods! hehe...
we also bought the latest release of Tranformers dvd :) went home, changed and sent Muesa to his friend's birthday party. *can you feel how tired i am?* :D waited @ McDonald's while they enjoyed themselves and after 2hrs of fun for them and waiting for me, we went home.

i am excited indeed :D a simple design, original idea and with the help from Ron, hopefully there'll be some good reviews. awesome material and currently testing it out and i'm really loving it! :) did some non~Professional photo shots...hehe but you be the judge *wink*

off to get some deserved Beauty Sleep and hope your weekend was fabulous! :)


Sharmaine said...

Yum to it all!!!
Glad the weekend was good, although busy. I can soooo relate ;)
All the best with your plans, can't wait to hear more!!

Stephanie Mah said...

Hey, i was in town too! I even brought DH to MWL.(:

Yummy food!!!

JazzScraps said...

Seeing all the pics of the yummy food leave my stomach you can see, I'm a cheese person!! *salivary glands activated*

And....oooo!! something wicked is brewing in Ed's cauldron!! I'm so excited to see what you've got in store!! Have a positive feeling, this is gonna be good!! My best of luck to you, babe!


Aida Haron said...

Can't wait to see it !!!

ianz said...

yummy...i love cheesy stuff *slurp**drooling*

Stef said...

Yummy, you eating some of those fried skin potatoes and cheesy sauce for me?? Can't wait to eat next year lol.

The mini album is gorgeous.

croppin carla said...

WOW....too much food for me to veiw right now since I just ate lunch! LOL TRANSFORMERS is a very good movie.....we got it to and my DD made me watch it with her. I didnt think I would be interested but it was a great movie!