Saturday, November 10, 2007

No Internet Connection

frustrating when that happens... and blogger isn't co~operating so this is one of those days when stuff just goes your way! hehehe... so no photos thanks to Blogger :)

i shall try later...or not! :D

Past Few Days...
been busy with kids. been down with flu and headaches :(
went to visit friends, that is always nice :)
did a few scrap pages and bookmarks for swap.
Ron tried to spend time with us before he left. the Charity Gala Event was a success. former British PM Tony Blair was in Singapore for the event *wink* so Ron usually finishes late so we've been having late dinners and going for car rides in the SGP Hyundai Santa Fe and all of us haven't really have had enough sleep...
Thankfully kids have no school on Friday so they get to sleep in this weekend :D

i'm still on medication which disallows me to operate any heavy machinery...hehe all the drowsiness just draws me closer to lying on my bed and snooze off! plus having no internet connection for awhile is just unfortunate and can be quite maddening. and the fact that at certain times of the day, kids drive me crazy and they enjoy the teasing and getting on each other's nerves!!! don't they know that that affects me? their Mother??? hehehe... am i babbling already???

it's cold there and Ron has arrived safely, Thankfully :)
before he left, he asked if i'd like to bring the kids and meet him in Miami for a holiday in December. i will never say NO to travelling. but... not this year. have to wait for Aysha's PSLExam results. then pick a school for next year and settle all kids into next year's school schedule. oh yes, not easy having all 4 kids in school and settling their uniforms, books and the list goes on! what a time to be a Single Parent... but i shall survive! :) God Willing!

the weekend is looking good for us. i plan to stay home and relax with kids and perhaps get some re~arranging done @ my Scrap Table. getting messy again. what else is new?

Happy November Weekend Y'All! :D


Stephanie Mah said...

Ed,[hugs] to you.(:

get well soon and off we go [shopping] [eating] hehe.......

take care!!

Aida Haron said...

Hope you get better soon, rest and hope the home is quite enough with the the little ones understanding mom needs to recover. Too bad you will miss a Miami vacation, but Ron will be there again right ?

*Aaaarrrgh* blogger has been rejecting my password too !!!

Jenn said...

Hope you get better soon!! Do take rest.. Its not easy to take care of 4 kids... let us know if you need any help... {HUG}

croppin carla said...

No it is not easy taking care of 4 kids alone. UGH I feel for you. Hope you get your internet back and running real quick so I can see some pictures or lay outs. Check my blog, my mini album is done finally!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hope you had a great weekend!!! We all have the sniffles and coughs too. Yuck!!

I have to say a big Hats Off to you for doing so great with 4 kids. They can just take so much time! Worth it absolutely...but not easy!!