Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Perfect Pancakes

well, not really... made these for breakfast this morning. i tried flipping them but failed miserably! my kids laughed at me!!! hehe... but they enjoyed themselves and they didn't even bother with any forks and knives!!! but they were Happy and my Little Customers were satisfied :D
Happy Birthday Rena!!!
often mistaken as my Twin or Sister *wink*
made this for you and hope you'll like it.
DreamStreet pp which i added more swirlie doodles,
October Afternoon photo corners,
stamping and some personal journalling :)
See You Soon Sis!
Lunch with Mum
we celebrated my Birthday early with my Mum & StepDad since it's her day off from work. they brought us to Spize somewhere near Simpang Bedok. that was the Kampong (Village) where my late Grandparents (Dad's side) used to live. i miss Kampong days! we had a great time, yummy food and Thank You Mum for more dishes for me to keep frozen that will last me the next few days! *yippee*

hope you had a Terrific Tuesday! *hugs*


Cathy said...

I love pancakes and I'm hungry now! Go figure...... I come to your blog and I see food! HA!

Great LO!

AliciaSharp said...

Those pancakes look so yummy! Love the LO!

Cheryl Wray said...

Yummy....I LOVE pancakes and like making them when I have the time! (And also french toast! :-)

Anonymous said...

Those pancakes look absolutely delicious. Love the layout