Saturday, December 15, 2007

Banana Chocolate Chip Crumble Cake

Friday Night, 10.45pm
felt the urge to bake a banana cake...

almost an hour later...

fresh from the oven!
it really just crumbles and the crispy corners are just Yum! :D

Saturday Morning Breakfast
with custard syrup

Kids Loved It! :)

After Breakfast...
creative play with Legos :D

Happy Me & 3 Kids, photo taken by Aysha

yuppers, me so Duh!!! i really thought Ron would be home today and told kids we'll be going to the airport. as it turned out, he's arriving in Miami today... not Singapore!!! but the day wasn't wasted as we had so much fun playing and i am so glad i managed to iron and for 4 hours too!!! woohoo... it must be something in the Banana cake *wink* hehe...

also watched 3 episodes of Mystery Woman on Hallmark and i always love a good mystery! :) i used to read everything by Agatha Christie and all about Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot! good reading if you love her books :)

and also did one layout, a sketch taken from Lotus Paperie.

Simply Beautiful
Bo Bunny pp, Daisy D big alpha,
AC thickers, Inque Boutique stamps,
made my own No Entry sign and that's my
Beautiful Aneesa :)

i had a Super Saturday! did you? Ron called few minutes ago and so delighted to hear my husband's voice :) well, of course, Duh right? hehe... so he'll call again when he's in Miami and then off to London and now wishing we had joined him... *too late*

oh and Great News! can't wait to share with my Girls @ {Create}. i'm truly Grateful for the support we've received and we're doing this for the reason all Scrapbookers do it, because we enjoy it. we want to raise awareness with Autism as well as supporting our local children's charities whenever we can.

and as for everything to do with Groovie Java, i appreciate the support, Very Thankful for that. in truth, some friends were made along the way, some lost. no regrets as things do happen. in the spirit of being Joyful and wanting Peace in this World, i'm truly Happy with the friends i've made and kept despite whatever flaws they've seen as they got to know me. i am just Edleen, Wife and Mother of Four Kids and Thank God for Everything He's Blessed Me with :)

and to All, a Good Night! :D


croppin carla said...

Ohhhhh yeh, that banana cake looks yummy.......Love your lay out. And the fun pictures of the kids.

Cathy said...

You know Ed..... you are the best blogger I have ever met (via internet). I can't keep up with all your posts.

And BTW! you kill me with all the food! As if I haven't told you that before! Wink!

Vanessa said...

I love your page! Thanks for stopping by Lotus sure to say HI the next time you come by. I love seeing what folks make with my sketches & other challenges. A new one is posted today, c'mon over and play!