Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 1st Already

oh where has the time gone?

December 1st ~ World AIDS Day
i truly hope there will be a cure for this disease.

it's been a wonderful Saturday. went to a Charity Dance Performance which was just fantastic! Aneesa enjoyed herself very much. we saw Aida's daughter Nura perform and she's just so graceful just like all the lovely Ballerinas and also the boys... what do you call a boy ballerina? *wink*

One of the Performances
photos taken using my Sony Ericsson Cybershot
After The Show...
Beautiful Little Sweeties
after we said Goodbye to Sal, Jenn and i with our Little Girls went to Serangoon Gardens for dinner. we stopped by a Church Fair and told Jenn about the pretty dresses they had for sale for Little Girls. the one Aneesa wore this afternoon was bought from one of the stalls the day before :) and being a Muslim, i have no qualms stepping into a Church, going to a Church Fair or any other Faiths for that matter. we are here to share Love, have Peace in our Hearts and Soul and just live Happily :) and how wonderful it is to be Welcomed with genuine smiles. the same practice we have here @ home too :)

so during dinner, our Girls had fun while we ate and chat. i think between us, we exchanged about maybe 5000 words at one sitting? hehehe... that's alot of words eh! and as if that wasn't enough, we still chat over the phone once we're home!!!

you're funny Jenn. funny good, funny kind, funny warm and truly generous.

this layout for {Create} Make It Happen

what are you Thankful for? if you already have a layout done, do share it with the {Create} Team.

i hope you are enjoying your weekend. have fun while you're at it! :)

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jazsutra said...

ed,aneesa's dress is really pretty i was abt to ask you where u got it from and then i read it...;)

u v a 9s weekend too.luv,jaz