Friday, December 21, 2007

Pizza, Crop and RAKs!

we had a small and fun crop @ Jenn's place today. went over after sending Aysha to her new Secondary School for registration. met the Principal who gave a nice talk for all the parents and this is a really young and up and coming school and as all schools are concerned in Singapore, they are also striving to be one of the Best. the Achievements and Awards they've received since they began, quite impressive. all i hope for my daughter is to just do well and reach for her dream.

and now back to the crop... hehehe :P Jenn ordered Sarpino's Pizza, our fave for our cropmeets!

Yummy RAKs! Thanks Aida! :)
so do come and join our challenges @ {Create} to win all these!

we share one kitchen...hehehe *wink*

Cutie Pies

Thanks Auntie Jenn & Uncle Ed for the Christmas pressies! we'll open them on Christmas Day :)

Thanks Aida and Augs for sending Aneesa & me home. *hugs*

3 Layouts
did these the past few days. also started on a Baby Album upon order :D wasn't Inspired when i got it about a month ago but have started working on it since Wednesday. hope they'll like what i have done :)

these layouts with photos taken @ our Groovie Picnic...

Oh Shoot
i doodled the cameras knock off from Elsie! :D
doodled cloud and painted on it,
Maya Road stamp and microchips,
7G, Primas and buttons
True Story
love this paper! cut the border and
cut the inner pp using scallop scissors.
placed them on red cs and voila!
the look i wanted for this layout of me and Stephanie :)
Close Up
hidden journalling on how we met :)
i have undeniable fun each time i am scrapping. whether my kids are around or bugging me about something, i still enjoy the process. *although if they were less bugging it would be alot better* hehe... anyhoo, it's just whatever that comes to mind and what i want to put on my layout. not thinking how i want this to be a Gorgeous piece or how my cut work is Amazing! *not in my case* i scrap, i share, i hope to Inspire and Thanks to those who has kindly asked if they could scraplift my work :) it feels really nice and to be given credit like any scrapper would feel or any other Artist for that matter.

but at the end of the day, all my layouts goes into an album and the best part is, for me, is to take them out maybe a few months or a year later and see how the photos i scrapbooked comes to "Life" with personal journalling and how meaningful it is. show these albums to my Little Ones when they're much older and reminisce and say stuff like, "remember how you were?" "remember this photo of you while you were being silly?"

and so, it's all about Memories :) i keep them all, no matter what. i get sad seeing scrap pages about loved ones who are no longer here. i would feel a tinge of sadness with pages of friends who, sadly along the way, we "broke up" as friends. it would be harder seeing pages of people who were once together and then not anymore...

i started @ 15 with photography and scrapbooking, all those years i've been a collector of many many things *come to my home and see* hehe... and collecting Memories is one of the many Precious things i want to keep :)

Have a Great Weekend!!!
4 more days to Christmas and A Birthday Party for Anis!!! :)


feli said...

love the True Story layout!! :) the colours and cutouts are really great ed!

Wati Basri said...

yup...keep the memories alive is our job.... :)

Stephanie Mah said...

I love the True Story layout! (:

love your article about scrapbooking.(:

My girls are looking forward to Anis birthday party."wink"

see you!!

Sharmaine said...

Awesome layouts Ed!!!
Hope you all have fun at the party :)

ianz said...

c ya om christmas day!!!