Monday, January 28, 2008

8 Hours

it feels great to get 8 hours of peaceful Zzzzzss :) this makes up for the years before when my kids were Babies and waking up for hourly breastfeeding night feeds and changing of diapers. those days and nights were filled with fond memories :) i have 4 Beautiful Babies and now they're all growing up just too soon... but, few nights a week getting the 8 hours of sleep is just Wundabah! :D

Visiting Dad
went to visit my Dad @ his home. he's healing well and his skin is looking so much better now. he's able to walk around now and God Willing in no time he'll be up and about again like before :) Thanks to my Family & Friends for your prayers. God listens and he has answered Ours for my Dad :)

Meeting Sunshine
and finally, i get to meet and play with my Little Sister! even though adopted, it's amazing how much she looks like my Dad!!! she's a cutie pie and kinda funny though having a Little Sis because all my life i've been the Little Sis! :D and now my kids have a really young Auntie!

Happy Mail Day
we ought not totally scrap the idea of Snail Mails! i still write to my PenPals and it's really fun. they still refuse to email even though i wanted it! hehehe... but today, Thanks to Jessie from Brunei for your Lovely card and really cute Java Bella stamped impressions :) how cute of you to say that they remind you of me! Love them to bits!

Project Runway?
hehe...i have pages and pages of these model sketches in "my" fashion designs! been doing this since my school days and i've tried making my own dresses...but not as nice as i had hoped. made a few for my Girls but... anyhoo, you know how when we're young we want to be something when we grow up and being a Fashion Designer was one of my ambition *wink*

it's another Gorgeous Monday and hoping to scrap or sew... whichever comes to mind first. kids are @ school, husband busy with arrival of plants coming in from China, i think? some from Holland and i hope i get some tulips! the Lunar New Year is just around the corner and i've to bake some cookies soon and do a little bit of Spring cleaning too.
Yup! we celebrate the Chinese New Year :D ahh...the Joys of having mixed parentage and also being in an Inter Racial Marriage! it's Great :)

one layout of my Little Mischief!
Cool L'il Dude
love the Basic Grey pp!
a strip of Junkitz, corrugated board as matting,
painted on it, stamping and
diecut tags from 3 Bugs in a Rug

it's the last Monday in January so...Enjoy!!!

Birthday Shout Outs!!!
Happy Birthday to My Brother Eddy!!!
Happy Birthday to Sweet Cousin Stef!!!


Stef said...

Ed your little sister is just beautiful *masha'Allah*.

I'm so glad your dad is healing.

Love the page of Anis. And thanks for the birthday wishes.

Aida Haron said...

Good news about your dad !!! Your little sis is so adorable, and love the LO of Anis !

Stephanie Mah said...

Happy to know that you dad is healing. your liitle sister is sooo cute!!

Great page too!!

feli said...

great to hear that your dad is healing well! :) your little sis is so cute!! and and.. i love the layout of anis! love especially the layering.. there's so much to see!

croppin carla said...

Wow you are chatty today! LOL...Glad to hear that your dad is doing better. Your little sis is adorable.....and I LOVE YOUR PAGE!

Ana Baird said...

Your blog is great! Your work is fabulous! Thank you for visiting my blog!

Cathy said...

Is she a doll!!! I wish I could afford adoption. I would have a sweet baby then!!

congrat's on Freak Of The Week!!!

bbhome said...

Love tha layering you did on that LO. Glad that your dad's doing better.

jazsutra said...

ed,glad to know yr dad is okay.i sms-ed u cox cud not leave a comment earlier on.hope this x works.n hey a new lov-1 to scrap shez a cutie ;)-jaz

Sri said...

Your sister is too cute! And glad to know your dad is doing alright.
And awesome LO, by the way.