Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Love

hehe...just spread the Loving! :D beautiful weather in Sunny Island of Singapore and upon suggesting he make breakfast, my Dear Husband got busy in the kitchen and prepared this for us :)

you all know that Roti is Bread. and Prata is famously known as an Indian Flour Bread which can be eaten on it's own, with cheese or mushrooms but for us, it's Best with Fish or Chicken Curry! Yummy! this is a pack of instant pratas which just needs to be heated and ready to eat :)

Roti Prata, hot hot!

Ron cooked Chicken Curry using my Mum's recipe :)
what a good son~in~law! hehehe...

their favourite! :D

Local Delicacy called Putri Salat.
bottom half is glutinous rice and top half is pandan kaya, it's sweet.
my friend A makes this

then we said Bye to our Chef...

my Fave show, every morning, afternoon and night! :) today's topic touched my Heart, it made me cry. i caught Oprah crying too...some tears in her eyes.

today it was about taking time to get to know each other. this is such a wonderful project! sometimes people get too into themselves and not realising about hurting other people's feelings with their words and jumping to their own conclusion about how another person is. how true that is.

sometimes we become the victim of other people's sharp tongue unbeknownst to us and when word goes around, it's hurtful isn't it? but...this is the world we live in. that's why God created so many of us and we think we're all different but in some ways, we're all the same. we all have same colour blood...we all hurt the same, we cry. but why can't we take time to get to know that person and not judge outwardly and so easily consumed by gossip?

perhaps sometimes it just can't be helped. it just feels nice to talk bad about someone or pin point how that someone is like. High School behaviour i guess will never cease for some. it's not about being young because my young children are taught not to be ill~mannered and be Respectful of others. i truly hope they will maintain that level of goodness in them.

we're lucky in a way that our kids have travelled and they've seen some good and not so good in Life and we're lucky that they can adapt to simple means. Kampong trips are a good lesson for them to understand how much "harder" others live. no hot water, no running water...seeing other kids play with tyres and not toys. most importantly, Love needs to be present at all times :)

phew! that was tough...i almost cried again!!!

i had a truly peaceful afternoon when all my kids are @ school :) managed to get some scrapping done and hanging out @ Groovie Cafe. got a little upset with my son for not doing his chores... but he did it immediately when my lecture started pouring...hehehe *it's as long as my lengthy posts*

i shall end today's post with this layout of my Sweetie using papers from BluEye Dezine :)
Sweet & Lovely
all flowers cut out from another pp
Happy Friday!!!


Stephanie Mah said...

love your today story(:

gorgeous layout!! just love it"wink".

oh im droolng over your food picture.hehe.....

Have a great weekend!!

Sharmaine said...

You see Ed this is why I love coming to your blog! You have wonderful things to say, to make you think, you share your wonderful work AND YOU HAVE YUMMY FOOD TO SHARE!!!
I love LOVE roti, as i said before, but I looooove prata, we had some with the dinner Dave brought home the other night! YUM
Have a super weekend :)

Jenn said...

its so true ed... so true.. am going to steal it and post in my blog.. :p

Aida Haron said...

Yes you are right Ed, I would like to add that sometimes people KNOW when they are gossiping, or being hurtful but they still do it nonetheless.

What is important is to know who your real friends are, to compromise, give the benefit of the doubt because we are not all perfect. Underneath all of it, real friends do not sabotage each other and truly, happily wish success for each other.

For the rest, I deal with them on a purely shallow level ~ talk about work mostly.

Hugs to you ! Aida

Marieke Vermeulen said...

GREAT pictures and BEAUTIFUL layout!!


Cathy said...

You are a god sent friend...even if your thousands of miles away!!!

I'm not sure there is a sweeter soul!