Monday, January 7, 2008


i just Love this photo of them hugging each other!
K&Co pp, Hambly, AC Thickers & stamping

Fave Shot ~ Monday
come join me! bananas & vanilla caramel ice~cream
in my favourite Dunoon Mug!
yup, i collect them too *wink*
Day 7 of January 2008
Monday's been alright for me. weekday morning battles with Little Anis is so daily that i keep wishing for 12noon to come quick so that i can get him ready and send him off to school! now how's that for a "Good Mom" attitude? hehe... it was hard letting him go though when the Teacher took his hands and he didn't want to let go of me... *sigh*

it happens. it's harder when someone you know is going through something and you wish you could do something more to help. i cannot imagine how H must feel after losing her Mom just months ago and her Dad just last night...

i can't imagine how it must be for a friend to be in the midst of changes in their Life right now. *hugs* thinking of you. i'm here for you.

a year older and the feeling of being "old" is creeping up on me!!! i'm going thru changes myself, physically and i hope i will maintain my mentality..hehe. well, at least scrapbooking will help me stay "arty" :D

and on to the moving media side, we've met with the Young Director and the script seems realistic and i like :) filming begins in the coming week. hope the Young Actor doesn't get cold feet and chicken out! did you know that me and 4 kids are already in a short film with the Traffic Police? *wink*

and if God allows it, we might have a change within the Family too :)

Have A Great Monday! *hugs*


Aida Haron said...

Huh ???? Change in the family ??? What CHANGE ?????

Oh dear, it's hard to see people you know and like going through painful situations, such is the fragility of life yah ?

Cathy said...

You know, I think you are the winner for the BEST BLOGGER EVER, challenge. I just made that up but either way, you sure would win!!!! : )

I love all your photos, all your LO's and it's ok to look forward to sending your baby off to school!! : )

Natália Corrêa de Almeida said...

Hi, my dear!
How beautiful is the pic of your banner!?!? I loved it!

Sharmaine said...

Awesome page Ed, love the banana and iceecream, yummmmm says me who just finished her breakfast!!
Hope today is a good Anis day :)
Hugs to you my friend

Edleen said...

*hugs* Everyone :)

Aida...changes with all our kids and we're looking towards the future :D

Stephanie Mah said...

lovely layout!

really enjoy reading your blog!(:

Aida Haron said...

Aaahahh ...... you mean change like Anis can sit still for at least 15 minutes ??? LOL

Love your kids the way they are, thay have such personalities and character, very important in life !