Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friends and Pizza

and other Yummy Munchies. Good! :D

we had a mini Gathering @ Regina's place this afternoon. it was what else? Groovie of course! *wink* it was great meeting up, having pizza and other food laden with calories!!! chatting and getting to know one another a little bit more :)
i had a fun time Girls!!!

they had the most fun though! i wasn't prepared with the mini pool and at first it was just playing with the water, then the legs went in and towards the end... all soaking wet!!! this Mum today had to just let them be. as long as they had fun :)

he ended up in his diaper!!! what a life eh...having pizza in the pool! hehe...

Thanks for the Goodie Pack Regina!!!
when i had only the 2 of them,
they were close growing up together.
and my wish is for them to be
Close Always :)

Thanks for popping by :) *Hugs* to All!!!


ianz said...

i had agret day today!!1

Ana Baird said...

Very nice pictures! Your goodies look fabulous!

My Paper World said...

Great photos! ( Those donuts look scrummy!) and I LOVE your "close allways" layout, it's so beautiful!
Nicola xx

AliciaSharp said...

That pizza looks so yummy. Love the LO you did. I love the 6x12 size!

Sharmaine said...

Looks like a super day Ed!! Yum to the food lol
Now I just have to say I really like your layout!! love the colours, the pink half-a-heart!!! Love that!

Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures! It's nice to see you all have had so much fun! And your layout is very BEAUTIFUL!!


shelly b said...

can't believe you put that yummy food on here!! sounds like fun!

Lesli said...

Great photos and projects - and now I am really hungry!

Stephanie Mah said...

lovely shots!!