Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Little Artist

this morning, Aneesa wanted to do some drawing. she drew a Thomas the Tank Engine train for Little Brother Anis :)

then she started drawing a heart and her Teacher in it :)

and a Beautiful Rainbow for Me :D

The Cyclist
he's not training, not like before. Ron was a cyclist but these days, he cycles in the mornings to keep fit :D

Date With Daughter
went out with my 12, soon to be 13 year old this afternoon and it was pleasant. sometimes it's just nice to spend time with her alone :) she's not very chatty but we talked about school and other things. did a little shopping and of course, @ this age, she wants many things! but she understands...she sees the price, she exclaims and puts it right back. but bought her the tshirt anyway.
Love You Aysha! *hugs*

and getting a little sentimental here, a layout of the 3 of them when Aneesa was a newborn :) look at how little they all were!!!

U R My Cutie Pie
and look @ Aneesa now!
will miss their Baby Days... they're all growing up too fast! have to guide them, be understanding and most importantly, Love Them Always :)

being a parent isn't always easy, perhaps yes when they're Little as they look up to you almost all the time! but as they grow older, they know a little bit more, they're more independent and have their own thoughts...and for me, that's when the worrying comes in and hoping they'll be responsible kids and always in God's embrace while i'm not there for them. but i hope to be there for them Always :) God Willing.

wishing you a Happy Wednesday! Smile and Stay Fabulous! :D


Marieke Vermeulen said...

YEEAAHHH, Aneesa is a GREAT artist! Her rainbow is very very BEAUTIFUL! And your layout is GREAT, I just LOVE the colors!


Ana Baird said...

Your pages are awesome and full of lovely colors and little details! Love them!

Tabitha said...

love your work!

Tabitha said...

love your work!

camport said...

I love your sentiments on parenting! Our family dynamics will be similar to yours as we plan to have 2 more once Sean finishes school in about 3 or 4 years.

Love the pages, as always!


Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, lovely page & love all those shots of Anessa & Anis.(:

Lesli said...

I love the LO's - Enjoy your date - our girls grow up so fast. My baby girl is now 20 years old!!!

Edleen said...

Thank You Everyone!

Yayy Chrissy! can't wait for you to have more Babies to Enjoy Life with :)


Jenn said...

lovely & great pages, my dear friend...