Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mine ~ Fave Shots Today and Always

i see my children grow up from the moment they came out of me to Tiny Tots to where they are at right now...
i am Grateful, Very Happy :)
never thought i'd have Four kids and Love Them All I Do! :)

So Tired!
and who isn't? but it has been a fun filled day mostly dealt with Food!!! no more food photos even though i took lots of them!!! the gathering @ Ratna's was truly fun and me, as usual, ate more than i should! jeans are getting tight... time to change my menu *wink*

after much eating and chatting and catching up, went home yet to another round of feasting! we had a barbeque and Yummy! of course...hehe. this whole stretch of CNY holiday has been totally fun and lots of Great Moments spent with my Sweet Husband and Lovely Kids! truly, what a Blessing to have them in my Life :)

i said no more food photos, but Ratna's cupcakes are just too pretty!
oh! Toot Toot! another layout has been picked up to be published...Yayy :) that makes two this month! i'm just Super Excited *i think you can tell* duh... hehehe

hope you're having a Sweet Saturday! :)


Stephanie Mah said...

beautiful photos of your children!
yum yum,cupcakes!!

have a great Sunday!!!

ianz said...

beautiful photos of ur kids and Aneesha looks like a model!!!

Lesli said...

Great photos of the kids!!! I wanted to let you know I picked your banner as the banner of the day and linked to my blog :)

camport said...

you have gorgeous kids! and ditto Ianz's comment, A does look like a model! She's got that posing down pat!

Those cupcakes are amazing! You need to talk her into opening a cupcake shop!

Congrats on the LO getting picked up!! Aw. You aren't unpubbed anymore!


Anonymous said...

ooohh... i love that shot of Aneesa :P


Edleen said...

Thank You Everyone!!!

Lesli, You Made My Day! *blush*

Chrissy, I'm still Thankful to UnPubbed for having given me the opportunity :)

Wishing Everyone A Great Time!

Natália Corrêa de Almeida said...

Oooohhh... These cupcakes are so cute... I'm in love with cupcakes lately. =P

feli said...

those photos are just great!! they look so happy together.. i'm happy for you ed! :)