Monday, March 31, 2008

I Love You

saying this to my kids Every Single Day
so that they know that Everything is OK
being Loved is a Special Feeling
it makes Life just so Appealing :)

I Love You
for Sketches!
do try out the sketches, they're fun! :)

Close Up
i just Love journalling directly onto the
empty space
on my photos :)
photo taken with an effect from my cellphone *wink*
Did You Have a Good Monday?
morning began with kids. Everyday, same thing :) breakfast for older kids, say Bye~Bye to them. then 2 Little Ones asking for their breakfast, entertain them please and watch a little TV. Anis was pretty impossible today...there goes his tantrum again!!! grrr...

sometimes turning a deaf ear to his wants works for me, at times i just have to give in so as NOT to hear the wailing and crying. Life with a 3 year old!!! and i had three 3 year olds before this one! hehehe... i'm pretty sure this will go on for the next 9months before he turns 4!!! :D

made a date to meet D and had to bring Anis along as he was tired and sleepy when it was time to send him to school... glad Jenn could join us. so nice to just hang out and chat and sharing our thoughts on family issues.
*hugs* D
. hope all will turn out well and Take Care.

D dropped us off where my Mum works and Jenn, Anis and i had our dinner there. Jenn, my Mum said next time we must finish our food! hehe... so you got to taste her Sweet Teh Tarik yeah? :D i'll take Everyone there for Teh Tarik if you're in town!!! those living here, we can have some nice makan there sometime *wink* Invitation is Open to All :)

it's the last day of March and who's doing April Fool jokes tomorrow??? hehe...
hope you won't be trapped into one!

*Hugs* to All! Happy Monday :)


feli said...

"being Loved is a Special Feeling, it makes Life just so Appealing"

i totally agree with this ed! it makes you feel so blessed..:)

and i love your layout! haven't got a chance to journal on the photo yet.. will definitely try it, especially when you make it look so good!

you have a lovely week too! i'm rushing for submission then after that school holidays start! see you near end of April k? take care...

croppin carla said...

Hope I dont get trapped into an april fools joke myself. To be honest with you Im not much in the mood lately for jokes. Sounds like verything is well with you! Have a good day!

Annette said...

I hadn't checked in for awhile! YOu've been so busy!!! Looks like you're family is doing well. Take care! Hoping to pull a couple of pranks tomorrow..I'll let you know.

Sharmaine said...

Morning Ed :)
Love the layout
3 is a horrible age to get through! Hang in there ;)
Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday

Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, i do always sais ï love you to my girls,its really brighten up their day.:)
love your page!!

My Paper World said...

What an adorable layout Edleen!
Nicola xx

Tabitha said...