Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On A Day Like This...

all you'd rather do is this...
or in the case of Aneesa, get your colouring pencils
and Create! :D

Thank You Everyone for your well wishes :) it's not a great feeling to be unwell. just don't like the feeling of being "defeated" by your own body. time to take better care and Health is something we should ensure that we have in order to take care of ourselves and especially for us Mothers, care of our children and family.

it's been raining alot the past few days and i had wanted to take my kids to the beach for a picnic or to the park. perhaps if Mr Sunshine decides to pop in tomorrow, then we might do that :)

Ron has arrived safely in Bali. not sure if it's wet weather there but he says there's lots of planting to do. we already miss him... well, 2 months will go by pretty quickly. our kids will keep me occupied and doing what i enjoy will just make time go by and before i know it, he'll be home, God Willing :)

Thank You Cathy!
what can i say? never thought you'd do that. i *Heart* what you did and it's Beautiful, Thank You. *Hugs*

F Is For Family
my take on Tamara's sketch over @ Sketches!

whatever the weather is like on your side of the World, the day will still go on and my wish for you to Be Happy, Smile and don't let anything get you down :) do something that will make Someone Happy or perhaps that will make You Happy too. sharing a little incident that happened awhile back, we were @ KFC and a girl was ahead of me and after she ordered her food and when the cashier told her how much everything costs, she asked if she could put back a burger because she was short of cash. i asked the cashier how much was she short of, paid the cashier and told the girl not to worry about it.

you see, incidences like this, doesn't happen very often and i wasn't expecting anything out of this small gesture but the look on her face and her Thanking me, that made me feel so good inside. that, was Priceless :)

Happy Tuesday!!!


Marie said...

I hope you are feeling much much better! I love the pics they are beautiful! And ur page is awesome!

Sharmaine said...

Hope Mr sunshine is with you today :) It's heating up over here again ICK
I hope the 2 months flies by too!!!
Love the layout, gorgeous as always!!!

Francoise said...

hi edleen !
I m enjoyed to read your comment on my blog !
how do you do ? well I think !!

love your family layout !
happy day to you
friendly : Francoise

Stephanie Mah said...

beautiful layout!!

and love the shot of Anis.:)