Thursday, March 6, 2008

Unforeseen Circumstances

this was what became of Ron's phone when it dropped from our balcony right onto the cement downstairs!!! :( it slipped out of his hand and oh well, it happened and after a few phone calls to our mobile service provider, they kindly offered to replace it with a new one :)

but the morning was filled with a tiny bit of stress for him as he needs his phone for work and many numbers were lost... i offered him my cellphone before he gets a new one as he needs it more than i do. many important numbers related to work were lost and that's really not a good feeling and having to start the morning that way...not so good.

but right now as i'm writing this, he's trying to retrieve all numbers and the day didn't turn out so bad *wink*

My Poor Baby

went to meet Stephanie for a spot of shopping and Mocha Frappe in the afternoon. then got a call from Anis' teacher saying that he was crying and wasn't feeling well. luckily Aysha was home so she went to fetch him home. Stephanie and i hurried a little with our shopping and when i got home, he complained he wasn't feeling well and my poor Baby...

gave him hugs and he's now sleeping and hope he'll be better in the morning.

i made Chicken Curry tonight. this is the curry powder i used...

the verdict: Yummy! :D

Enjoy the View
trying out a silhouette~like page :)
freehand cut coconut tree from Basic Grey pp,
yes, Glimmer Mist and
my handsome son on his bicycle :D

it's been raining non~stop and gloomy weather can actually bring you down. but i won't let the weather dampen my spirit and hoping there'll be some sunshine on Friday morning :) *being positive*

there's a party @ Kindy in the morning and seeing how Little Anis is feeling, might make a visit to my Mum's after. it'll be our day with Mama :D

i hope you're having a Great Day despite me having unforeseen circumstances that came our way! but then again, we never know. so, i'm taking whatever comes my way as it comes, good or bad, experience it, learn from it and maybe it'll teach me a thing or two. perhaps it'll also make me wiser? hehe...

Be Happy!!!


Marie said...

Thats a great page! The chicken curry looks yummy and omg look at ur hubbys cell phone! AGH! LOL!

Sharmaine said...

I hope Anis is all better today, poor kid!
Hope Ron's new phone is with him soon and the numbers lost are 'found'!
LOVE the page Ed! Love the quote LOVE it!!!

Lorena said...

sorry to hear about the phone and the food looks yummy!

Stephanie Mah said...

it was great meet you!!!
hope Anis is feeling better! oh
and what an awesome layout! love it.
Have a great weekend!

ianz said...

Gud Morning!!!

Hope Anis will recover soon!

Lesli said...

So Sorry about the phone! That is a bummer. I love the LO :)