Friday, April 11, 2008

Remember This Moment

i feel truly Blessed having these
Four Wonderful Children in My Life :)

it's always nice to receive Sweet News like this :)
Thank You Sharon, Thank You Laine's for the opportunity.

at the same time, had to leave PapierHouse. Thanks Regina, Lenny & Mindy for having me while i was there. but i'll definitely come by the house often *wink*

did anyone watch Idol Gives Back? i was very affected by the show especially the clips of the celebrities that went to Africa. i felt so sad for the Little Ones and one that stood out are the 4 Boys, 4 Little Ones, orphaned and having to fend for themselves :( i broke down along with Annie Lennox.

we truly ought to be Thankful for the comfort of home and sense of belonging that we possess. having Loved Ones around and friends who will be there for you whenever you're down. i just had to scribble this when i watched to serve as a reminder to myself to...
Friday has treated me really well, loving the weather and me and kids are now preparing party favours for Ron :) he'll be surprised when he comes home later tonight, i hope hehe... my Dear Husband will be celebrating his Birthday on April 12th and we've already got cake and kids are still undecided where to take him for a Birthday treat. we'll see how it goes...

Enjoy and Have a Fabulous Friday! :)


Stephanie Mah said...

Hello girl, CONGRATS!!!!

have a great weekend!

salme said...

Congrats, Ed! Sooo happy for you!

Karen L said...

Congratulations on your DT appointment. I just got to say I really love the layout of you with your gorgeous children. Beautiful work.

Marieke Vermeulen said...


Have a GREAT weekend!


Cheryl Wray said...

The Annie Lennox clip was the most poignant of all. I was sobbing along with her; those brave, brave boys!

Congrats on the news. Yay for you!!!

My Paper World said...

Congrats Ed!! The pictures are not showing to me, so I will come back again!
have a great weekend, and happy birthday to your hubby tomorrow! xx

Edleen said...

Thanks Everyone :)

Happy Weekend to You!!!


Sharmaine said...

Yay Ed!! What great opportunities!! Well done and i know you will have fun :)

feli said...

congrats ed!! can't wait to see what you create for laines! :)