Tuesday, April 8, 2008


with no internet connection, still goes on :)
although missing it some *wink*

hope you had a wonderful weekend. it was a truly busy but exciting one for me and especially for Little Aneesa.

Life Of A Little Model
Sunday 7.30am
waiting for the MRT

Orchard Road

The Big Tent where the Fashion Show was held.
all the Little Kids waiting for hair and make up. they're all so cute!

Rehearsal, Photo Ops & Making Friends

and the Show Begins! @ 4pm...
Aneesa's 1st Runway Fashion Show
check out her wired up hair!
blurred images due to excited Umie :D
you can read all about it here, ChannelNewsAsia.com and if you click on Related Videos as you scroll down, you can catch a glimpse of Aneesa where this piece was shown on the news :) yes, blogging truly like an excited Mother! i've been a Mom to Little Models for 8 years now and this industry, it's Tough! so when given an opportunity like this especially for Singapore Fashion Festival 2008, where the 70 kids featured were specially selected, it's truly a wonderful experience.

and to receive news that there will be more projects like this in the future is thrilling :) well, as long as Aneesa is still interested and enjoys it. perhaps there will be one where both my girls would be in together...who knows yeah? and this Little Tike was so amazed by the fashion show and at one point covered his ears because the music was quite deafening! the agency might want him, so we shall see. it all depends if he co~operates :)
After The Show
everyone went to pick up their Little Models and we were given an option to keep the clothes that the kids wore @ a good discount, there was shopping vouchers and a big goodie bag filled with the brands that was featured. Yummy!
and Yes, all Little Models will be paid for their hard work :D

it was a Closed Event and couldn't get tickets for my older kids. Thanks to my Young Uncles who came down to see the show but couldn't...but truly appreciate them coming by. after a long day, we went home exhausted! the whole thing may have been a "glamorous" affair but the best place to be, is still Home :)

After 6 Days...
missing my online friends and will get back into the Groove soon *wink*
my apologies to Tamara @ Sketches! as i missed handing out my layout for Sketch 39 :( the day i wanted to send it in, the connection was gone!
alot to catch up on and received a piece of Great News too! can't blurt out yet...

several days without internet, saw me moving furniture around the house and did plenty of Spring Cleaning! gathered clothes and toys for charity and making space! love that...and trying to be less cluttery too! hehe...

but the Best News, Ron will be coming home from Bali! Yayy! :) we'll be welcoming him home @ the airport tomorrow. can't wait and God Willing he'll have a safe flight home.

hope you're enjoying your day and *Hugs*


croppin carla said...

Such a cutie pie! Love all the pictures!

My Paper World said...

Great photos Edleen! xx

Sharmaine said...

Looks like a busy but wonderful time Ed!
So glad to hear Ron is almost home :) YAY :)

Stephanie Mah said...

finally you are back online.:p

love all your photos:)

feli said...

lovely post ed! i recognise the background of the 1st photo.. amk mrt station! hehe..i can imagine how happy and excited you were... your kids are so cute that all get to be models! congrats ed..:) and i love aneesa's hair! hehe..:P

glad that you are back online, everyone of us missed ya!

eMeLiNe said...

wah! model's mama! she is real good! :)