Sunday, April 13, 2008


to Ed's kitchen :) enjoy the view...hehe. i love those antique tiles that Ron bought and framed for me and i felt it was a nice way to display them. and there's that shelving space where i place all my kitchen knick knack collection *wink* i Love Henry Watson terracota kitchen wares too. the kitchen is one area i would often try to keep tidy. and no one is allowed in while i'm cooking :)

this morning Ron made us Durian & Sweet Potato
in Green Bean Soup. Yummy!

Fave Shot ~ Sunday
brought these Lovely 3 out for dessert this afternoon.
we had a fun day :)

Happy Birthday Natalie!
made this birthday tag for this sweet
little girly using cardboard (recycling in mind)

it's Sunday already and another week will follow. almost mid~April and how has the past few months of 2008 been for you? it hasn't really been kind to me Health wise. i had bad tummy flu, back aches and the fall i had... and now a really achy ankle! i believe that's from the fall plus too much walking! hehe... oh, and also getting old!

but then again, i am not complaining because i have a husband who's working hard to support us and having 4 healthy and happy kids :) Life wise, it's been truly a Blessing what each day has brought me. the surprises in Life, can be Beautiful and sometimes can be not so beautiful. but whatever it is, i am truly Grateful. as the saying goes, if we think we're in a hard place, there are others who's life may not be so great. but having Peace in our Hearts, that would certainly make our lives so much better :)

Take Care and hope you had a Superb Sunday :)


Tinkerbell said...

What a lovely lovely kitchen ! Take care of the ankle..joints tend to take a very very long time to completely heal.


ianz said...

beautiful kitchen u have there Ed!..

Cathy said...

I love you kitchen!!! Its nice to see where all that good food is made!! I want to come over for dinner!

Cheryl Wray said...

LOVE that picture of the kids. SO adorable!!!

eMeLiNe said...

may u Heal well Ed, and u've got a really cosy kitchen Very lovely to look @ ! :)

croppin carla said...

Kitchen looks awesome......and why wouldnt it, your food always looks awesome too..YUM YUM!

Anonymous said...

i've missed your posts on m4m. didn't realize you hurt yourself, take care, and get well soon. barbs

Anonymous said...

WAAUUWWW you have such a great kitchen!!! The picture of your kids is so BEAUTIFUL! And your tag is GREAT!!!


Lesli said...

I'm pretty sure that is my dream kitchen - I love the wood. Love the photos!

Natália Almeida said...

Ed!! Your kitchen is very beautiful!