Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good To Go

this week's layout for Sketches!
these converse shoes passed down from
1st Child to now my 4th *wink*
he insists he can tie the shoelaces but he can't!
Don't Ever Stop ReadingDefine Yourself
he's Rad isn't he? hehe...
A Good Today
met Georgina and Felicia for lunch and we spent the afternoon enjoying our food, cakes and conversation :) we're the neighbour Girls so meeting up often @ our Jalan Kayu spot is kinda nice. the suburb where most people would drive by and drop in @ the sidewalk Cafes and Coffeeshops for some cakes, pratas or Teh Tarik :) a little info of my nearby neighbourhood...

Jalan Kayu was built in 1928 when the first Royal Air Force base outside the United Kingdom was established in Singapore, in the northern part of the island.

Jalan Kayu means "wooden road" in Malay. One version for the road name's origin is that firewood used to be stacked on the roadside. Another version is that the muddy laterite roads leading to the rubber estates in the area were made passable due to logs of wood that used to cover the muddy roads, hence the term in Malay jalan kayu.

The street itself is a relatively minor, one-lane road. However, it became prominent in Singapore for two reasons. First, it was the main access route to the large British-built military compound in Seletar as well as the neighbouring Seletar Airport. Second, a range of road-side eateries selling roti prata gradually earned a reputation among the people of Singapore as arguably amongst the best in Singapore, and the road name became a household name for good food in a laidback setting.

Simple Pleasures

fresh new linens like these makes me Happy :) i am one with Earthy tones and they seem to go well with my kitchen since my kitchen floors are terracotta tiles :D

exams are over for my kids and they're enjoying their Nintendo wii. even Ron is in it with the bowling and baseball game and it's fun seeing them playing together. me...i'm at my scrap corner and hoping to be inspired by watching the fun :) Ron asked if we wanted to make travel plans since June will be the school hols. he's planning a Bali trip for the family which sounds great but...i think we'll do that year end. plus i can't travel now because my passport is expiring soon and i should go get it renewed!

to my Dear Cousin Raudha, *Big Hugs* to you. i hope Baby Durrah will be alright, God Willing. i'll see you both soon.

i wish Everyone a Happy Day and Thanks for coming by.
Take Care and Stay Safe!


Leah said...

Love the pages! Those papers and colors are perfect!

Rachael said...

Wow, your projects are fabulous!!!

Have a great day!!

Lesli said...

Fabulous LO's Ed - I am always so inspired by your work!

My Paper World said...

Fab lo's Ed! xx

Stephanie M said...

lovely pages! sound like you have a great time.:)

jazsutra said...

love your 1st LO to depth!just so inspiring.tfs!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, your pages are BEAUTIFUL!!! my favorite one is the very first!!!!

Have a GREAT day!!!

feli said...

i love especially the 1st layout of anis, ed!! is the 'a boy's will' a rub-on? this page looks really funky!

and the 2nd layout.. anis is wearing such a cute tshirt!! hehe

it was great to catch up with you and georgina! there's yummy food some more! hehe... wow.. i didn't know the history behind Jln Kayu.. you've enlightened me!

M@risk@ said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.

Marie said...

Love all your pages! Wonderful!!!

kalis said...

Nice post!! I also got a pair of Converse all star shoes for my son.