Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Cards from Kids :)
Aysha made a cute paperbag like card & wrote
Beautiful notes for me which made me cry...
Little Aneesa and Anis made cards in school and cute Anis sang me a song he learnt, "I Love You, Happy Mummy Day to You"... so cute!!! :D

2 Layouts
Mother of 4
sometimes i can't believe it myself,
Blessed with these 4 Kids :)

My Kids
triple layering, doodled clouds
and swirls at the bottom Fave Shot ~ Sunday
Love You 4!
took this shot after we came back from having a Mother's Day Bakery Buffet breakfast @ Delifrance :) it's great that Mothers are getting a "Special Day" to be celebrated but every day should be Mothers Day for they are the ones who carried us in their bellies, gave birth with pain of Love and taking care of us and showering us with their Endless Love.

with 4 kids, each one, i try my Best to Love and care for them. personally, it's never easy raising 4 children in a tiny home where they're usually teasing one another and causing quite a ruckus most of the time!!! there are moments when my patience would run out but i maintain...i maintain a level head but i believe my neighbours can tell you that they do hear a scream or two from moi *eeks* hehehe...

i am sure most Mothers would say, having their children or child is the Best Thing to ever happen in their Life :) and having said that, i now know what my Mum went through raising me and my brothers. how can i not Love her who made sure we were always fed and clothed. she was always there for me, always :)

I Love You Mummy and we're off to see her soon!

hope you're having a Wonderful Time being showered with cards, gifts, hugs and most importantly, Love flowing endlessly!
Happy Mother's Day to All The Beautiful Ladies! *Hugs*


Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, I LOVE your fave shot for today!! Awww....

Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!!!!

eMeLiNe said...

Happi Mommy's day, Ed, u are one good role model to many for sure :)

Stephanie M said...

love your fave shot of the day;)
wow,you are so productive.beautiful layouts!

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie thank you so much for the Happy Mothers day greeting. It made me smile. I'm so happy that you had such a great mothers day. You deserve it! Have a great week

Karen L said...

What beautiful looking children you have Edleen - So pleased to hear you had a special Mother's Day too. Love your layouts by the way.

croppin carla said...

What a great photo of your 4 kids.......and Im glad that you had a great mothers day!