Friday, June 6, 2008

A Beautiful Girl

somehow the papers matches her top :)
one of her photos for her Modelling Portfolio
Close Up
popped by Justina's place earlier today and she's sponsoring this Yummy Prize for {Create's} 1st Birthday bash! Thank You Bunches Justina!!! you are truly so generous and i'm definitely coming over to your place again soon :D always Happy to make new friends:) the winner is really lucky! wonder who would it be? i want this for myself!!! hehe...

spent my afternoon with kids and they're actually getting a great workout playing Nintendo wii. glad we got the Sports Edition and i should join in would do good for me who's lacking in exercise!!!

today's instalment of our Cameron Highlands trip,
Pasar Malam (Night Market)
although being called that, it still runs during the day :)
this is @ Brinchang

Muesa having a Golden Pearl steamed corn covered in
margerine. it's Delicious!

Strawberry Hugs

Fresh Strawberries

we were surprised too...Fried Ice???
Aneesa tried strawberry flavoured fried ice and it's actually Yummy!

Thanks Everyone for making your presence here :) truly appreciate it. can't believe it's already the weekend, a week of June will pass and only last week we were on our family trip... time doesn't wait, it will just continue on. and i am Truly Thankful for Everyday that comes, waking up always praying for a Great Day and feeling Blessed seeing the hubby and kids :)

Thankful for Friends and their friendship.

Thankful for the support i've received with Groovie Scraps Cafe and the Groovie Crops & Groovie Gatherings we've organised together where we try to meet up, chat, laugh and enjoy ourselves.

Thankful for Genuine Girlfriends where we're able to share "deep dark secrets" hehe... and still rocking the friendship :D the girlfriends i can't believe i can still talk to on the phone for hours!!! call me on land line, cheaper rates! *wink* hehehe... and the fact that those secrets will always be safely kept knowing we trust each other. Forever Friends! *doing the secret hand sign* :D

have to be up early Saturday morning meeting 2 Groovie girlfriends @ our usual bus stop and heading for town to meet more Groovie girlfriends! i think i'll be "single" and leave kids with the hubby. will sign off and once again, Thanks for dropping by and Enjoy the Weekend!!!


Leah said...

Love the cutout work and the layering on that layout. Those strawberries look delicious!

Cheryl Wray said...

Great pictures and great fun!!! (My fave is of the big giant stawberrry balls!!)

feli said...

wow! lovely photos ed! is the ice really fried?? wow.. the prize for {Create} is really yummy! hehe.. i wonder who will win it...
the PP really goes with aneesa's top.. great layout!