Tuesday, June 10, 2008


did this for Sketches!
Tamara always comes up with fun sketches :)
Kung Fu Panda was fun.
it's easy to associate Po with Jack Black..hehe.
Sex and the City on the other hand, they get to wear Yummy stuff, she loves him, he loves her, he freaks out, she got mad and it was a Happy Ending :D

it's Tuesday night here, 10.20pm and there's a sudden storm with thunder and lightning. i'm glad Everyone is home and i admit i'm a little afraid as there's a tinge of red in the sky, very very windy and the scary sounds of wind trapped coming from shut windows...it's giving me the chills! very heavy downpour and i truly hope this will only last for a little while. and hopefully there's not many people out there caught in this thunderstorm.

me and 3 kids were @ my Mum's today, visiting her and met my Grandma, Uncles and Grand Aunts who were there too. it was a lovely gathering :) it was lovely too when they asked who Aysha was! hehe... they can't believe how much she's grown and soon she'll be much taller than me!!!

Ron brought Muesa fishing and our son caught a big one today! haven't seen the photos yet but glad they are bonding and having fun. Ron tries to spend time with us and with our son whenever he's around. and we're Happy he's home. especially with this kind of weather which scares me when i'm the only adult @ home! *wink*

a few more photos of us taken by Ron with his camera. this was taken @ Cameron Valley tea plantation and on our way up to Brinchang :)
Thanks for dropping by and Have a Lovely Day!

Me & Kids
photo taken by Muesa


Leah said...

The hills in that first picture of you all look so green!! Very pretty!

Karen L said...

Hope the storm didn't last too long and that there was no damage. I love watching the lightning and thunder but don't enjoy the wind either. Great layout, and some lovely family photos.

feli said...

great photos there ed! love anis's smiles!! i hope the weather gets better too.. *hugs* i hope there's good weather for saturday! :) i must watch kungfu panda!!hehe

Ana Baird said...

Fantastic pictures and layout!

Rachael said...

What great pictures!! Love the layout!

Saw SATC with friends the other night and loved it!!! Want to take my kids to see Kung Fu Panda!

jazsutra said...

great family outings and great family photos ed.ure a blessed mommy with beautiful kids...and love your layout ..so cute!

Lesli said...

Beautiful LO Edleen - love the photos!

Cheryl Wray said...

GREAT pictures of your sweet family!!!

Eunides said...

Beautiful LOs!!!
I lovelly....

Cathy said...

Love these pictures! What a beautiful family!!!