Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Place

what a fun day we had that day and
that Mickey Pizza was delish!
new Cafe called "Disney Naturally".
made my own Mickey hats on the layout ;)
Close Up
used my crop~a~dile for those tiny red dots
on the AC thickers.
Little Pumpkin
affectionate term for Little Aneesa
plus those pumpkins were really little! :D
Today's Menu
when i have to cook daily, this usually happens. i run out of ideas of what to cook! so, simple instant noodle for lunch today :D which translates to "Lazy"! but once in awhile, they're Yummy to have. *slurp slurp*

Feeling Patriotic
Singapore will be celebrating our National Day on August 9th. flags are up everywhere and Muesa just went for the preview last Saturday. they received some goodies from the sponsors. Little Ones posing with the flag :)

Muesa's school is having an exercise whereby kids will be doing their homework @ home thru the computer for the next 2 days. honestly, i'd rather he be @ school! there's just too much distraction @ home. but strict supervision is required and Thankfully today's homework is done!

and the thing with Robert De Niro, "Never gonna happen" so said Ron...
well, it is a family vacation spot where they want privacy from the paparazzi and we've gotta respect that :)

Beautiful Today
took this shot a few minutes ago
and *Sigh*... just Love looking @ the sky!
hope you're having a Great Day! it's my quiet time @ home at the moment and somehow looking forward to the rowdiness that will occur in 15 minutes time when Little Ones come home from Kindy :D it can get pretty crazy but am enjoying these times. they will grow up...and teenagers are another thing to deal with! just like when we were back then ;)

have an early audition to go to tomorrow. it's always the client's shortlist but they want to see Aneesa in real life. the life of a child model! *rolleyes*

Thanks for coming by and peeking :D
wishing you Happy Moments Always!


feli said...

great layouts of the kids ed! i love the little pumpkin one.. :) have a nice evening!

Aida Haron said...

The cafe sounds like a great place for small kids and the layout and photos are great !!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Gorgeous layouts--as always!! (And the Disney cafe sounds SO fun!!)

Have a great celebration!!

Cathy said...

You simply amaze me..... where do you find all your energy? I so wish I was more like you!
You do all this scrapping, cooking, caring for children and running them to auditions and someday they are all going to be famous.

I'm tired just reading what you do!!
I want to be more like you when I grow up.

Lesli said...

Great LO's Ed - I love the Mickey LO - hmmm.... I wonder why! I love taking pictures of the sky too - it is quite relaxing!

Edleen said...

Thanks Everyone :)

and to Cathy, as long as i get enough sleep and having a good day, always hopeful that the day will go well. even whilst handling cranky kids!!! :D

Marieke Vermeulen said...

Your projects are BEAUTIFUL, and the pictures too!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!