Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mummy :)

Love You!!! love.gif

Happy Teacher's Day
on Friday, all schools in Singapore celebrated Teacher's Day which actually falls on September 1st. but our One Week school break started the moment they left school on Friday :D earlier on i made ice~cream cones to give the Teachers as a gift but decided to alter them further and added ribbons, flowers and a heart shape tag :)

Little Anis & Aneesa gave this to their Teachers and it felt nice to hear them say, " Cute!!!" and they turned to me and asked, "did you make this?" :D

Muesa wanted to give one to his Favourite Teacher too and wrote such a sweet note for her on a card :)

4 people under the age of 13 received a lecture from me! i just had to let it all out and remind them enough of the bickering, teasing and arguing!!! goodness!!! kids...the enjoyment they get from all of the sibling rivalries rolleyes.gif but come to think of it, it was like that for me and brothers too. I was the target of their teasing ALWAYS!!!

apart from all that, spent my morning with my Mum having Teh Tarik and gave her a K&Co album for her Birthday. she's been asking for one since she received all those layouts from me :D sigh...i Love my Mum. very much. she took care of us really well and i think my brothers and i turned out quite alright :)
Thank You Mummy!!!

2 Layouts
i'm Blessed to have these Guys in my Life
and giving birth to 2 of them! ;)

found these photos of me, a peeking Muesa and
Little Baby Aneesa when she was about a week old.
come on now, aww... hehehe
Babies are So Precious!!!
Saturday night here and i had an awesome day. it's month end, time to pay the bills and glad that by sticking to the Going Green rule of switching off, we have maintained our Power Supply bill :)

met a few lovely Girls on Friday and it's always a pleasure to make new friends. it's also a pleasure to be shopping but i think i did pretty well by not getting more stash than i already have. but the new Back To School range from various brands are just too delish!!!

hope you're having a Fabulous Weekend and leaving you with something Beautiful from nature. a shot i took on my way to my Mum's :) Happy Smiles!


Tania said...

Happy Birthday Mummy :)

Your babies are gorgeous, so so sweet. I love the quote on that layout too, I might have to steal it!


Stephanie M said...

beautiful pages & altered cones.:)

happy sunday!!

Ana Baird said...

Awesome gifts for the teachers Edleen! Love your layouts too!

Ana Baird said...

Great gifts for the teachers Edleen! Love your layouts too! Have a grea Sunday!

Benga said...

Belated happy birthday to your Mum!
Have a great week!

M@risk@ said...

Beautiful teachers gift and the layouts are great. For the Adore one I like the choice of paper very much and I love the handcutted SEI flowers on the other one. These papers I will demonstrate at the Kars Demo. Have a nice week.