Monday, August 11, 2008

How Are You?

hope you are doing Great! :)

Singapore celebrated our 43rd National Day and we watched the parade @ home, Live on TV and saw the jets flying past from our balcony :D it rained that day but after the rain, we saw a Beautiful Rainbow! so breathtaking and my kids were screaming at me to take pictures...hehehe *that's what happens when you're the Official Family Photographer* ;)

we've been out and about, doing some sight~seeing with Bianca and Stef. alot of eating mostly and the non~stop shopping spree! what else is there to do here in Singapore? :D i think Bianca is shocked with the amount of eating we do here! but we even it out by walking to most of our destination. we walked alot indeed!

it's a Lovely Monday morning here and because our National Day was on a weekend, we have today as an extra holiday. well, for most people and school kids. it's laundry day and maybe get some organising done. as usual, got to put up with a wailing 3yr old. the arguments we Sweet! hehehe...

sharing some layouts i did this week :)

Live Life
for Got Stamp? challenge @ Laine's.
did my own title and used gold stickles

I Love You
simple layout of my Anis :)
used up all the AC chipboard dots to frame the photo.
cut out the same photo of Anis and
placed over the existing one :)
My Boys
for Sketches! used dabber to paint the background

split one photo into 3 ;)
Kindred Spirits
me and my Girls :)

21 Years Later
so great meeting my girlfriends after all these years!!!

am working on my Chatterbox projects and whatever happens, i'm just thrilled to have been considered :) Thanks for the kind wishes of Good Luck!

missing Ron who's got some Bad News for us. he'll have to stay a little longer as he's still needed there :( and for some Good News, there's a new project coming up! he'll have to travel to Nepal this time around. how exciting. i wanna join him! maybe i will go mountain climbing hehe... and i think we might have some backstage passes to the Formula 1 race!!! woohoo... he's been appointed to work on the landscape. *Yayy*

the internet invention is really Great.
people meeting online, chat and communicate.
Thanks for coming by my Humble blog,
from my heart, i Truly Appreciate :)

*Hugs* have a Wonderful Week!


deedah said...

i admire you for being able to churn out beautiful LOs, in the midst of your busy schedule everyday !

hey is that Roszane ? the lady in the centre. she used to be by ex colleague. i miss her....

Edleen said...

Thanks Dah :)

and Yes! that is Roszana! small world yeah? maybe we'll arrange for an outing one day :)

Sharmaine said...

Hope the time goes quickly Ed and that Nepal trip comes to fruition!! How cool!!

Ana Baird said...

Stunning layouts! Love your new banner Edleen!

Je@net said...

Wow, love your amazing layouts!! Great stuff girlie!!
Have a nice week!!

Stephanie M said...

beautiful layouts!!good luck to your chatterbox project.:)

feli said...

love your layouts! i like how you did the title with the stickles! it has an interesting effect...

jazsutra said...

Ed,your milk cartons make my heart melts! i just can't get my eyes off them ;)

My Paper World said...

Such beautiful layouts Ed! You really are amazing!
Hugs! xx

M@risk@ said...

Amazing layouts again Ed. A lot to catch up on your blog and totally in love with your milk cartons. Good luck on the Chatterbox call back.

Cheryl Wray said...

I seriously think I could hang out with you...with all that eating you do. It's one of my fave activities! lol

Love the layouts!!

Anonymous said...

I can't say it enough, your layouts are STUNNING!! You use such great details and BEAUTIFUL colors!! You are so talented!!

Have a GREAT day!!