Sunday, August 3, 2008

Movie Night

a really long time friend called and asked us out to the movies. Sweet friends Roszana and Maya, have not seen them since our days in St. Francis Girls' School! Maya organised a movie outing with free tickets and popcorn for the company she works for and invited us :) really great seeing them after so many years! we've all grown!!! hehehe... they were surprised seeing me with 4 kids and Bianca :D

as for the movie, it was exciting. love the digital effects and the Abominable Snowmen and the Terracota Army comes to Life!!! :D

Gifts from Germany
Bianca brought this for us...more Sweetness! will eat in moderation ;)
and loving my new Birki's!

Energy Saving Challenge
in the month of July, i told my Family we should start an energy saving challenge. so Proud and Happy when i received July's bill from Power Supply. we saved $50 by switching off the lights after use, watching less TV and not wasting water! it's great to see the end results when everyone co~operates :) woohoo...

sharing a few layouts i did this week :)

Ah Meng & Friends
for {Create} Make It Happen August Challenge
an old photo taken with one of Singapore's Icon,
the late Ah Meng, the famous Orang Utan
Abah & Mama Loves U
The Fam
made a mini album folder for them to journal within
doodled cloud with glimmer mist,
coconut tree coloured in with watercolour pencil
and cut out felt for tree trunk :D

we had a nice weekend and Bianca's enjoying herself so far. although we haven't been doing much sight~seeing. she goes wherever i go so she probably just learns alot more of what a scrapbooking stay at home Mum does here...hehe

hope you had a Great Weekend and Thanks for coming by :)
Take Care!!!


scrappermimi said...

WOW, that is so great that you are all saving energy. We try to do that too!

Looks like a fun movie night and I am just loving your new LO's!

Cheryl Wray said...

Love the layouts (as usual!). And how fun that you got together with old friends. I love that!

MMMM on the goodies!

Ana Baird said...

Fabulous work Edleen!

Je@net said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend Ed!
Great stuff on your blog girl (as always ;-)

Stephanie M said...

lovely pages you got there!:)
and it was great meeting you yesterday afternoon.:)

Karen L said...

great to catch up with old friends, especially when you have not seen them for a long time. Your layouts are stunning as usually Edleen. Always love checking out your blog.

feli said...

woohoo! great layouts! can't wait to see your chatterbox goodies.. :)