Monday, August 18, 2008

What A Weekend!

Going Moroccan
Friday night met with some Groovie Girlfriends and we had some Moroccan cuisine for dinner @ Mosi Cafe along Arab Street. very comfy atmosphere, sitting inside the Cafe would require shoes to be off and sitting on carpets and resting on pillows :) we ordered these...

the prices on the menu are reasonable and our verdict, Yummy! :D
Thanks for a Great time Girls! glad that Stef and her Mom joined us too.

after dinner we went to cool off and i had this iced cold Calamansi juice :)
oh and we ate a little bit more! we had satay ;)

Saturday Oh Saturday!
Sweet Little Aneesa on the day of her audition...

it was a casting call and it ran late, as it most often does. wanted to go for the Crop @ Simei after but by the time it was rather late. kids were hungry and tired and all parents know what it's like dealing with that combination ;)

after a tiring day, felt a little unwell when i got home. after settling all the kids, went to bed @ 8pm and got up @ 2am with a migraine and got a little shortness of breath! :( it was awful...tried to calm down and relax and Thank God i'm OK. when health comes to a point where you feel helpless, it really is unpleasant. plus not having Ron around, that was scary.

it must have been due to exhaustion where i was out almost daily either running errands or taking Bianca out and coming home to be with my kids. i'm trying my best to be a Good Host Mom to her but no matter what, i hope she's enjoying her stay with us. she doesn't say much and Stef can attest to that ;) she's just too quiet. but this is the lovely girl who has a Beautiful Smile. this was the day we were @ the Singapore Flyer

Monday was mostly stay @ home and watching a little of the Beijing Olympics. Singapore won a Silver medal for Table Tennis...woohoo! we would've had a Public Holiday given to us if they had won Gold but then again, Congrats to the Singapore Table Tennis Team!!! you did your Best and you made us Proud :)

Georgina and Felicia came by in the afternoon. they didn't meet each other but i enjoyed the company :) we'll crop next time yeah!

hope you had a fun weekend and enjoy the coming week!
Take Care :)


Cheryl Wray said...

Yummm....that food looks delicious!! I have never had Moroccan food, but I would LOVE to try it!!

Yay to the Singapore team. That's great!

Stephanie M said...

Ed, hope you are feeling better!
yummy food, and beautiful shots of all the girls!:)

Cathy said...

2 things...........

First of all Ed, can I have a close up of your ring? I'm a ring freak and I want to see it. It looks so yummy!!!!

Second of all, is that table small or is is just me?? Where do you put your food. LOL Are tables at the resturants are big!!!

Have a great day my friend!!

Cathy said...

Aneesa looks darling too!!!
Hope she rocked their sox's off!!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog! I appreciate it and the compliment! Your kids are cute and I like your blog-home here!!! I really enjoy your scrapbooking pages. I am going to link you and visit often!

scrappermimi said...

Sounds like such a fun and yummy GNO!

Your daughter is just the cutest too, hope the audition was a sucess.

Hope all is well!

Lesli said...

Fabulous photos! Looks life continues to be busy for you :)

Edleen said...

Thanks Everyone! :)

Hey Cathy!
will do, will take a close up shot of my ring for you to see ;)
i am a ring freak too!!!

Happy Cheers to All!