Thursday, September 18, 2008

You Are The Best!

The Family :)
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Macaroni & Cheesy Cheese!
baked this for our dinner tonight. garlic bread is now heating in the oven ;)
there's Cheddar Cheese @ the bottom and i added Mozarella Cheese all over!

baked for 30mins and Voila!
all golden brown and everyone loves the crispy bits :D

nothing much happening around here. been watching movies on cable, doing housework(endless!), entertaining my kids...what with the older ones wanting a new phone card with lots and lots of free text messages *rolleyes* and the younger ones always wanting something! sometimes i am Patient...sometimes i cannot be Patient :S hehe...

but so far so good. Everyone is still in one piece and i go for my therapy @ my scrap corner ;) scrapbooking is fun. with the stash accumulating...need to de~cumulate. is there such a word??? it's all good and for Memory keepsake, it's really worth the time spent over all of it.

also waiting patiently for Ron's return. no specific time but he's been working hard to get the trees back into place and hoping to be back home by next weekend. he's needed for the Formula 1 happenings and Singapore will be very busy during that time! plus it's 12 days to the end of Ramadan...

Huge Congrats
to Team Singapore for bringing home Gold and Silver Medals @ the Beijing 2008 Paralympics!!! way to go!!!

hope you are well. i miss seeing Marieke's work. can't access to her blog. do you have the same problem? hope you are well and sending you *Hugs*

Thanks my blog friends for coming by and wishing you a Wonderful Time wherever you may be :) Smile!!!


Jennifer said...

Great layouts! LOVE the papers in the 2nd one! No meat in the mac and cheese, right? (I ask because I am a vegetarian!) CHEERS!

Je@net said...

Great lo and the macaroni looks very yummie!!

Cathy said...

I'm alive again!!! I'm so excited but I'm so far behind.

I love your LO's as always. The Mac and cheese looks so good. You will be cooking me that when I come to visit you one day. (Even if it's when I'm 60) : )


feli said...

love the photo at the header of your blog! and love that family layout of yours... take care! hope you have a good weekend!

Benga said...

hi Ed! love the homey pages! and your new blog header!
i think this is marieke's blog link

happy wknd!

croppin carla said...

Love the lay outs girl...sounds like things are busy for you with the kids....LOL kids WANT WANT WANT...dont they? Check out my blog for DD's b-day gift.....
Well hope you have a great weekend...HUGS

Cheryl Wray said...

Yumm, yummmm, yummmmm....I want some of that mac and cheese!!!!