Saturday, November 29, 2008


that we were in Bangkok two weeks ago and back home safe. hopefully the situation there will be resolved.

Thankful for another Birthday :)

November Babies celebrating together :)

Thankful for my Dearest Friends who are like my Sisters
whom i've known since i was 16

Thank You Groovie Girlfriends for the wonderful Birthday Surprise! :D

Chilling Out
for Sketches! Recipe but i sent in a little late...
used a piece of string again on this layout ;)

i've been invited to be their
Guest Designer :)
CardsnScraps is a cute little store located @
our Central Business District.
if you're working along there, pop in and check it out.

simple little project for Little Kids to do :)
Thanks Everyone for popping in and hope you're all in the Pinkest of Health! i'm Happy to celebrate turning a year older and the whole Q Crew(Ron & kids) has planned for us all to celebrate by spending the day in JB, Malaysia which is just across the causeway.

this morning after Subuh prayers, everyone sang me a Birthday song and that's truly enough to make me feel Special :) and so cute of my Mum to send me a text message @ midnight. I Love You Mummy! I Love You my Family!!! *hugs*

and Thank You Everyone for your wonderful Friendship!

Enjoy the weekend and Take Care!


Manon Keir said...

Happy birthday beautiful Ed, hope you had a lovely day and a fantastic year ahead of you!!
Manon xxx

Karen L said...

Happy Birthday Edleen - must be the week for birthdays as I had mind too.
Lovely cake - nice that you got to celebrate it with girlfriends also.

Liza said...

Happy birthday Ed! May you and your family be blessed always!

Mireille said...

lovely lovely projects.. I am sorry I am so late with my birthday wishes.. but happy late birthday!!

Mireille said...

ps.. just saw your profile.. and uhm.. we share a huge love together...
nope.. not scrapbooking.. well. that too but I didn't mean that..

Enchanted By Scraps said...

Yikes!!! Happy Happy Birthday! Sorry me so late with the BD wishes. Been busy la!
I love the shot of that breakfast @ The Met. I must do that too, pamper myself!
Have a great week ahead dear and hope to see you soon when you're free ya!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday to you my dear friend!! I'm glad that you celebrated another year too!! ; )

jakey said...

Happy birthday sweet girl!!! Hope you had a fab fab time :-)

hugs - jakey xx

jazsutra said...

Happy Birthday Ed!Blessed you are with great frenz ard you.enjoy the frenships Ed!! and hey yes indeed glad ure home safely from bbk!! and a great chillin LO there !!!

Je@net said...

Happy birthday girl and I just love your new projects!!

Carla said...

OOOO Happy b-day girl......hope you and your family celebrated and had a great time!

Cheryl Wray said...

That cake looks DELICIOUS!!! Looks like you had a fabulous birthday!!!

That ornament is too cute!

Vivs said...

Oh dear...i know i am a bit late but Happy Belated Birthday Ed! You sure had super fun celebrating it with your loved ones! So happy to know we are November babies! teehee