Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baking, Cooking and Celebrating


hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend CNY break :) did some baking on the eve of CNY and spent the whole day visiting relatives on the 1st Day of the Lunar NY. it was fun and although we don't meet often, the family bond is always there and me, being the one that often stands out from Ron's family, has always been Welcomed with open arms and they've never made me feel out of place.

to sum it all up, there was just too much eating! and lots of food shots from moi today :D here's what's been baking in my oven...

Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Be My Valentine Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie

for Little Cookie Lovers! :)

Rich Tea Biscuit Chocolate Cake
my own recipe ;) layered thin Rich Tea biscuits from
Marks & Spencer's with chocolate & butter

it's not Super Yummy but it's OK.
wanna try some? :D

the usual cookies and candies for our Guests

2nd Day of CNY
a few girlfriends came over and made a pot of
Spaghetti Bolognaise

store bought Garlic Bread, baked to crispiness :D

Putri Salat
a local delicacy which has Green Pandan kaya on top and glutinous rice on the bottom. usually eaten for breakfast or anytime of the day :) baked by my good friend and neighbour

Yummy Banana Cake made by Groovie Cheffie Deedah :)

Thanks for coming Ladies! :)

Adorable Little Ones :)

Thanks Wati & Yannie for these lovely gifts :)

and Thanks Everyone! for coming by and sending Warm Wishes our way :) it's back to normal daily Life now and i'm still having computer problems and truly hoping to get it solved really quickly...

kids caught the cough and flu bug but slowly recovering. they have their own little issues with school and friends and studying! and i have my issues with them...hehe it's the usual with my kids. bickering, arguing and then seeing them getting along and enjoying each other's company. then the teasing comes and then it starts all over again! hmmm...

but as long as they're always together, happy and enjoying their childhood, i'm happy :) and i'm happy whenever i have the chance to create anything while @ my scrap area :D did this layout for my MIL with recent photos of her Grandchildren.
Mama We Love You
layered heart with little hidden messages ;)
Have a Great Thursday! :)


jazsutra said...

hi Ed,good morning!thank u for cuming by my blog.WOWWW your cookies are so yummy Ed!u bake and scrap well!Admire you;) and another gorgeous LO!!! -jaz

sharon Ong said...

Hey hey! So yummy yummy! You are amazing - can scrap, can cook. Hehe, anyway, wanted to wish you all the best for your class tomorrow.

I'll be there to meet you when you arrive K?

ianz said...

Thanks for having us at ur home ed!!!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Wow Groovie Girls!Lovely group pic.And ED you are so good with baking.Soon I wanna explore more on that too..I love the lo you created,just full of emotion!

Mireille said...

gosh girl I wished I could test some of those yummies...
love the pictures and LOVE your layout! all this cutting.. gorgeous!

Princess Gizmo said...

Woohoo!! Cookiesss!!!! Hehehehe... I salute u ;) lovely LO Ed :)

Coochies & All said...

My goodness, not only can you scrap well, you can also cook and bake so well too!! I certainly have a lot to learn from you Edleen!! Thanks so much for all your lovely compliments you've been leaving me - totally appreciate all of them!! :)
elaine t

Karen L said...

Wow Edleen you have certainly been baking up a storm - it all looks so YUM. You have also even managed to fit some scrapbooking in. I am not sure how you do it all. Hope that 2009 is a wonderful year for you and your family.

scrappermimi said...

I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at your blog, he he he! Yum! Your LO is gorgeous...wonderful hand cutting!

Karen L said...

Hey Edleen, just letting you know that if you visit my blog you will see that you have been tagged.

Andrea, said...

Wow you have been busy, your baking looks yummy. I hope your children will be feeling better soon.

Jennifer said...

WOW! Look at all that FOOD!!!

scrap-myself-silly said...

Hi Ed *wave*wave*
Happy moo moo year to you too :)
Those cookies look sooooo yummy...drooolz....
Your M&S cake looks interesting...can have a taste ? hehhee...kidding. Boy, you were "Nigella-ing" during the long weekend by the looks of it. Looked like a ton of fun.
Catch up again later yah.


Sue said...

Your food looks yummy!! Happy New Year to you and Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)