Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chinese New Year

signs of Springtime!
our Little Jasmine flowers are beginning to bloom
and CNY is just round the corner :)
Assignment for Laine's Papeterie
i altered this Tissue Box which can also be part of CNY decor ;) love the red glitter paper and pop up flowers from K&Co. you can get the beads and tassles from Chinatown. i also used a HongBao (Red Packet) :)

the top is left open so that when tissues are finished, more can be added.
i use a removable adhesive to close up the top

back of the box decorated with lace glitter butterflies and gold ink :)

make this year's Cookie Jar a little more interesting maybe?
this lantern paper from Prima is so cute :D

good news, a little late but still good :D
Muesa maintained 1st position in Madrasah.
Muesa has been swimming since he was a toddler. his Swim Coach picked him to be on a LifeSaving course last year and he passed!!! woohoo... almost 6 weeks of tests and going for courses til late evening and what a Great Achievement my son! :) he'll be going for Bronze and Silver Award next. if there's a future for him in swimming,then we'll be happy for him :)

A Little Toot
Kristy from FarFlung Craft asked me to be on her Design Team! i'm honoured and go check out her latest Chinese New Year line @ our LSS. it's fresh and colourful and i'm currently playing with her products and having fun :)

there's another great piece of news but that one makes me a little nervous...
i've to attend an observation lesson before i can actually say Yes. isn't that the theme of the new Jim Carrey movie? hehe...

so far school has been alright for the Little Ones. Aneesa, i still have little butterflies fluttering in my heart for her. when did she become such a big girl? and Aysha will be 14 this year! oh my..... the Joy and unwillingness to see them grow so fast! :D but i'm Thankful. feel so Blessed with all 4 children.

and just as we're used to having him home for more than a month now, Ron will probably leave for Maldives or Seychelles soon. there's also a huge project coming up and it's great that he'll be part of Singapore Botanical Garden's 160th Anniversary! it's an awesome place, must visit there when you're in Singapore ok :)

Thanks for coming by and hope everyone is doing well with the 1st week of January. we've heard news of what's happening around the world and let's pray for bad things to end and spread more Love and Happiness. we all do want Peace on Earth.

Take care All! *Hugs*


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

well said Ed.i love the jar!nice papers.Congrats to your son.You and hubby have been a good parents to raised a child like him.Lets spread love and happiness.

Manon Keir said...

Beautiful work Ed!
Congratulations on your new DT position!!
Can't wait to read what the other exciting news is.
Hope you have a lovely rest of teh week.

hariyani said...

thats an awesome tissue box! maybe we can do that for raya as well! :D

congratulations to muesa for his achievements! a job well done! :D
and i'm very sure u're one proud mom! *hugs*

Cathy said...

"Peace on Earth" is what we all want!!

Sorry I have been such a blog slacker. It doesn't mean I love you any less!!!!! : )

Sue said...

Hi Ed! Thanks for coming by my blog and congrats on your DT with Far Flung! :)

Andrea, said...

Fabulous work and congratulations on the DT.
Happy New Year

Jo said...

Congrats to you, Ed! :D

sharon Ong said...

Hey hey,

Love the cookie jar!!! And the tissue box too! Thank you thank you lah! All that lovely Cheena-ness is perfect for this time of year!

jazsutra said...

Congrats on your DT at farflung Ed! beautiful projects here...and hey congrats on all the good good news for your kiddos!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I just love that altered tissue box. It's really pretty!

And congrats on the DT. That's great!

Liza Yet said...

Congrats Ed!!! Love your CYN projects! They are Gorgeous especially the jar!!! Congrats to Muesa too!!!

Renoa said...

Wow that's a very lovely Tissue box and jar!! :D im tempted!

Congrats on all the great news! another spot on DT, hehe broke ur resolution? Muesa did a great job and aww i feel so proud too!! :D