Tuesday, February 3, 2009


February 14th, known Best for
Valentine's Day :)
we're all in the mood for Love!
this page of 4 of the Most Important People
in My Life, for {Create}
Us CNY 2009
Moroccan Delight
photo taken by a Special Lady @ the restaurant that night :)
Hi Family & Friends! :)

hope you're all enjoying February now that it's here. time sure flies and we're all growing each day ;) over the weekend, brought my kids to the book store and this man suddenly asked if i'm Edleen. i said Yes and he asked if i remembered him. honestly, i don't and he said, "Remember Primary 1? we were in the same class and you are left handed!"

Wow! Wow...i was taken aback and amazed that he even recognised me after 33 years!!! we only went to school together until Primary 2 then i moved to another school. we chatted, we met each other's children and where he had 1 and he got a surprise to know i have 4...hehe

truly nice to meet an old friend and even nicer that one remembers you after all these years :) so touched! he asked if any of my kids are left handed and i said sadly none are and he proudly said that his son is left handed just like me :D we are people who just don't write with our right hand...that's all hehehe

well, i taught my very first class for Scrapbook Beginner's @ Laine's Papeterie last Friday and i should say, it went pretty well :) i was nervous @ first but all the Ladies were so cool and they listened and then they got creative. i'm just happy that all of them completed one layout by the end of class :D i am truly Thankful for the opportunity!

i Thank You for coming by and wishing Everyone a Wonderful February and have a great week ahead! Take Care *Hugs*


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Hi Ed!Another lovely lo for Valentines.Hope I can scrap one of these days. And its funny and amazing how people from your past could recognize you. Im glad you had a great time with your tutorial. Wishing to be your student someday.:)

Karen L said...

Edleen, your layouts are gorgeous - you are definately on the roll with your scrapbooking. You are certainly very creative and I love checking out your beautiful work. Fancy meeting someone you went to Primary school with - and that he recognized you.

Natália Almeida Rosin said...

Ed, your layout about valentines day is soooo beautiful! The colors are stunning!
Hope you have a wonderful february too! kisses!

Stephanie M said...

wow! you are so productive!
lovely LOs.:)

Have a great week!

sharon Ong said...

Hi Ed,
Glad the first experience of class was a good one. See? Not so bad right? :o) And love the valentine's layout. Is that aluminium foil??? Love the way it crumples.

Andrea, said...

Wonderful layouts and ATCs. i love all the embellishments you add they really finish the pages off perfectly

Naddy said...

oh my, i'm drooling again... all are gorgeous!