Monday, April 20, 2009

Playing Host

Shyra, a lovely young lady from Malaysia that we got to know thru Groovie Scraps Cafe came for a weekend getaway. invited her to stay @ my humble home since Ron is away. i hope she had a fun 3 day stay with us :)

apart from taking her scrapbook shopping @ both our well known LSS, shopping for clothes and chocolates, also brought her to eat @ our favourite spot in town and we managed to do a little bit of sight~seeing. we went to the underground gallery @ the Esplanade and these are some shots taken which i found interesting :)

a really huge fabric flower
hung above the ceiling

love the different fabrics on these lamp shades

then we went outside and Shyra decided not to take the walk to the Merlion since the weather was a little scorching! a shot of the famous Merlion and the skyscrapers @ Shenton Way

and Thank You Sweet Aneesa for this perfect shot of us ;)

Shyra left on Sunday morning. took her to the airport the low budget way by taking a bus from my place..hehe it may be troublesome having to carry her luggage up the bus but once on it, it was a smooth ride all the way to the airport which took only about 20 minutes and costs only $1.80. taking a cab would cost about $20 ;)

It's Monday

after 3 injections to numb my gums(ouch!) and one time gentle shake and pull, my wisdom tooth finally is out!!! whoopee.... i didn't feel anything but i'm just relieved knowing that i won't have that pain anymore :D am on painkillers now and i guess once it wears off i'll feel a slight ache but not as bad as having that migraine causing pain!

Thankfully Ron is home again :) he and little ones came with me to the Dentist and like all little kids, they were excited and especially so when i showed them my extracted huge tooth! hehe...

one more Birthday to go this week and he's looking forward to it :) hope my gums wont be as swollen in a few hours as i have to go attend a meeting in town. sounds important but we'll be having 3 Scrapbook Celebrities coming to Singapore for a whole day of Creative Escape with Laine's Papeterie! it'll be so exciting.

one layout i did of Little Anis who's having feverish spells the past few days. it started with me, then Muesa and Aneesa. glad he's feeling better today although he lost weight so quickly in 3 days! why can't i lose weight like that??? hehe...

Always Ready
the photo opens up to show hidden journalling :)
Thank You for popping by :)
hope you'll have a Fabulous week and Enjoy!



Vivs said...

Waahh i get a little excited too seeing Shyra having fun with the Groovie ladies!! And ooohh that lampshades are GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

how cute is this LO?? he's just so adorable.. hope everyone's feeling better..

Natália Rosin said...

WOw, i love these lamp shades!!
I want one, just one, for my living room! =D

Tania said...

Love your photos, especially the lamps, I had to get my tooth pulled in the middle of a million things too, never fails hey? Hope it will fix things for you and it won't hurt too much when the painkillers loose their effectiveness, have a great day Edleen


Karen L said...

Love your shopping spree photos Edleen, especially that huge red flower. It looks awesome. Oh feeling for you and your dentist visit. Not my favourite person to visit either. Layout looks great as always. Love your red background paper.

iza said...

gorgous page it.hope everyone feeling better now.

Chok Keun said...

Sorry that I did not make it in time to meet u gals on sat :(

Glad to see that u gals enjoyed the gathering.

Lovely shots of the fabric lamp shades.

And what a nice shot Aneesa managed to capture :)

Jennifer said...

I would LOVE it if you participated in the Tea Swap!!!!

Would you be able to send me your email addy and I will send you the info we have so far...thanks!

Marie said...

i love all ur pics!

Stephanie said...

cute layout of Anis! :)

have a great week!!

sharon Ong said...

Hey Ed! Hope your wisdom tooth feels better real soon - gearing up for Saturday yah? See ya!