Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scrapbook Asian Style

it's been awhile since this Book was published but finally!
just a little toot of my published layouts in this
Awesome Book :) Thanks Kristy!
a few layouts i did sometime in April.
this one specially for Queenie Liza :)
also for Ed's Sketch, Got Stamp challenge.
these for Sketches! Recipe challenge :)
Cookie is an affectionate term for Anis :)
the photo opens to hidden journalling
Long Weekend
hope you had a nice May Day weekend :) spent mine meeting Cousin Stef who is here visiting from Australia. went shopping with Melissa who is also here from Abu Dhabi. it's just great having the opportunity to meet up with Groovie Girlfriends whom we only know by chit chatting and sharing our scrapbook creations and then finally we get to see each other :) Singapore is a nice destination for a meet up! hehe...

brought kids to JB for a day of eating and shopping. with our currency exchange, i guess it's worth going for a visit there once in a while ;) spent the rest of the remaining days totally relaxing and trying to have a restful sleep. haven't been having that since this persistent dry cough came :( lost my voice for a bit and when talking, words came out in broken sentences...

blogging and going online took a break too. body just shut down. hopefully will bounce back soon. my priority are my kids so they had to be fed, little ones to be showered and cleaned up, home to be homely and unfortunately for them, a sick and tired Umie can be pretty cranky so they did get a few tantrums from me. eeks! it could get ugly but i guess lucky for them, i didn't have the voice for any scolding sessions! hehe...

we all know what's going on in the world right now. so Please Take Care and have a Fabulous Month in May and Happy National Scrapbooking month! :)


iza said...

congrats edleen...
love ur bianca page, the layering was great

Sharmaine said...

Hope your 100% real soon Ed and stay that way :)
Love the pages, love the publication YAYAYAYA :) :)
Hope the new week is a beautiful one, hugs

~Sasha Farina~ said...

hey! get well soon.. !!! *hugs*

eMeLiNe Seet said...

hope u are on the road to recovery, Ed... congrats on the Pub! =)

Stephanie said...

hope you are feeling better! :)

Have a great week!

Jennifer said...

That's awesome that you were published! You are famous!!! :) - remember us little people when you start rakin' in the money! LOL

The pages are wonderful!

Chok Keun said...

Congrats on your PUB!

Nice LOs! Especially heart the LO for Queenie Liza and love the details of Bianca.

Mr Cookie is so cute!!!

Lesli said...

Congrats on the publishing! I love the new LO's - especially the Queenie one. Too fun!

Sophia said...

Congrats once again for getting pubbed! :)

HOpe you're feeling much better now! Family and your well-being definitely must come first! That's what matters and goes into our memory making ain't it?

Aga said...

Hope you are felling better Ed, and BIG congrats on having your wonderful work published in the book! I love the adorable Mr Cookie page... it's soooo cute :)
Aga xx

andy.olliveira said...

Hello Ed, I'm from Brazil and I love scrapbooking, my English is bad, so excuse the errors.
Your work is beautiful and I would like to know if you want to do a magazine exchange with me, I send you some from Brazil and some such as the Post ... what do you think?
A big hug and good luck!