Monday, May 18, 2009


me and Little Ones we here this morning. everyone had their temperature checked as fears of the flu virus might come to Singapore. then we registered @ the Nurse's desk and waited.

waiting...for Aneesa's number to be called. today was her appointment again with the Skin Specialist. the good news, her eczema can be cured! Thank God, Alhamdulillah :) Doctor was very optimistic and assured me with proper care and Aneesa trying not to scratch as much, her skin would be back to normal again.

i'm sure, as any Mother would, after the last visit in March, i made sure she didn't scratch when it itches, showered her with the given soap, applied lotion and cream that contains steroid. of course with assurance that it's mild and it truly helps on days when it flares up! but she's always Positive about her skin condition and my prayers are always for her to be Happy and that this will subside.

Happy Mail Day
Thank You Saskia! very delighted to find these in my mailbox today :)

All Star
did this layout of my Sweetie Pie for
Sketches! Recipe
All Star cut out from his now tiny pajamas :Da little opening to reveal Adore :)Sing
actually printed the wrong photo but they
were singing her the Birthday Song :)
placed Dew Drops on stamped Owl's eyes
and stamped butterflies on cut out flowers
frame cut out from another pp and added
embellishments for May Challenge @ Papierhouse
hope everyone had a fun weekend :) we didn't do much. went for dinner @ Adam Road and didn't like the touting that's going on over there... i guess business isn't going so well thus the touts bugging you to order from their stall. gotta have patience and let them know you will decide if they left you alone for a few minutes ;)

Aneesa had an audition and guess who caught the Casting guy's eye???

Thank You for visiting and hope you'll have an enjoyable week!

Take Care :)


iza said...

gorgeous as always.ur all star page look ur sing n sweet lo too.lovely...

Natália Rosin said...

These layouts are pretty, ed! Love them!!

Saskia said...

Good te read you're happy with the atc's!!

Sweet greetings,

Cheryl Wray said...

Those layouts are all seriously GORGEOUS (as yours always are!).

I hope you have a wonderful week too!