Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Rock Star

did this layout for Ron this morning :)
stamped stars on the alphas and layered
6 chipboard hearts, our 4 kids and Us :D
Happy Father's Day
we brought him out to lunch for some Local Delights :)
kids minus Aysha (she's away @ school camp) pooled in $10 each and they paid for everything. Ron was surprised & touched when Muesa stopped him from paying :D

hawker centre food @ Serangoon Gardens
Soto Ayam

must have Satay!

fried Kway Teow noodles with cockles

Tahu Goreng...must try! so Sedap!!!

local drinks, Lime Juice & Bandung

finished my lunch with Teh Tarik & Suji cookies ;)

kids as usual, wants Ice~Cream :)

there's one more week left to the school holidays and the new week means preparing for school and due to the H1N1 virus that's currently spreading, school break might be extended an extra week but we'll just have to wait and see what the Ministry of Education says.

just hoping and praying that this virus will cease soon and everything goes back to normal. Take Care, Thank You for popping by and Enjoy the new week! :)


Princess Gizmo said...

Awww.. So sweet!!! Hehehe.. Soto Ayam?? Satay?? Tauhu?? *growling tummy*... Slurrrppp...

Manon Keir said...

wow, that looks so yummy!! How sweet of you kiddies to treat Ron!! Hope you have a wonderful week Ed!!

scrappermimi said...

I always get hungry coming to your blog...looks delish! What a sweet day, how nice that the kids paid!

Live Creatively said...

Great way to celebrate Father's day Ed.. Very economical.. Lovely lo there nice one.

Natália Rosin said...

have a great new week, ed!!

chunot76m said...

yummy food and yummy LO la babe...

sharon Ong said...

So sweet lah Ed! Hope you are having a nice week and not too stressed over the 'assignment' :o)

Cheryl Wray said...

The food looks SO good!!!!! I always love your food pictures. LOL

The pic of Ron and the kids is SO cute.

And praying with you that the virus doesn't cause more problems.

See ya!

Saskia said...

Lovely lay-out!

Yummy photo's!! :)

Sweet greetings,
Saskia :)

Linn said...

cool layout! :)

wow, that lunch looks awesome :)

iza said...

i really love the tearing effect.its really look good in this lo