Friday, July 24, 2009


more layouts from our Road Trip :)
love this paper from Kaisercraft!
Horseshoe Crab
Ron found this and Aneesa is so brave to hold it up!
doodled a horseshoe crab ;)
Play Time
the best thing to do while on vacation and
even when you're not! :D
painted on corrugated board for photo mattinginspired by the swing :)
we were @ the beach in Kota Johor Lama and there was this small lake. very calm and then...

Ron threw a coconut and i managed to capture this!
Love the O formed by the impact :D

Happy Weekend
it's a lovely Friday here but weather seems unpredictable... it rained in the morning and sun was shining afterwards. now it's back to gloomy again. but shouldn't dampen one's day :)

how are you doing? hope all's well on your side :)
everyone is pretty alright here @ home. Aneesa had a slight temperature the other day and her Teacher called to fetch her home. Thankfully i was not out enjoying ME time! hehe... it's the norm these days that when a child has a temperature, they would be sent home to rest.

Ron is out of town and i'm left with 4 growing kids! ohh...the joy and heartache of raising them and there are days...hehehe. but Thankfully they're all doing fine and i can't complain.

have a splendid weekend and Enjoy! :)


~Sasha Farina~ said...

hope Aneesa gets well soon!

Cheryl Wray said...

GORGEOUS...the pages and the pictures!!

Can you believe it? I'm actually going to do some scrapbooking this weekend!! :-)

scrap-myself-silly said...

Hi Ed ... loads of inspiration here !! Love the lil swing .
Hope Aneesa gets well soon.
Enjoy the weekend :)


Je@net said...

Great pages and those!!
Have a great weekend and I hope Aneesa gets well soon!

Ana Baird said...

stunning pages Edleen! Have a lovely weekend!

June said...

Great colors Ed. Love the horseshoe crab you doodled.

Shirley said...

Babe! Love all those LOs! You really can get them out fast and so lovely some more!
I've already got my stash from Japan. Gorgeous stuff but I cant post pics on blogger!!! Arghhhh! Missing pic button! She had so much so much stash for me and I so wanna show off la!