Wednesday, September 23, 2009


how are you Today?
Beautiful weather this afternoon :)

Eid Mubarakour kids on the morning of Eidul Fitri :)i've been busy baking these...
and cooking Lemak Udang,
prawns with tumeric & coconut milk gravy

Chicken Curry
goes well with these known as Ketupatspecially ordered these Putri Salat,
green pandan kaya with glutinous rice
Let's Makan!
we were busy visiting our Parents, family,
relatives and also had family & friends who came visit from afar :)

Lil Sis who's here for Eid from the
Island of Blakang Padang, Indonesia
Lovely Ladies from Australia who's been specially flown here
for Singapore Grand Prix 2009 ;)
working closely with Ron @ the Istana.
very Happy to have them come visit us
and having fun with Sparklers and of course, Safety 1st!
What Will You Be Doing This Weekend?
we've got tickets :)
and this time were hitting the Grandstand! woohoo...
hope i'll manage to get some nice shots of those fast cars!!!
Thank You!!!
for being patient looking @ all the photos and as always, for coming by and hope you're in the best of health.

my weekend will be busy with more visiting, going to F1 Night Race and attending a little concert @ Darul Arqam :)

school will be having Final Exams and trying to spend more time @ home during the week in the hope of helping them revise and hopefully they'll grasp whatever they've learnt the past 9 months.

going to have some Groovie Girlfriends over on Thursday afternoon and i'm sure it'll be fun. what shall i cook? hmmm... hehehe :D

have a Fabulous Time and Take Care! *hugs*


Karen L said...

Edleen sounds like you are in for a very hectic week. You certainly have been busy in the kitchen this past week. You prawn dish looks amazing. You have my mouth watering. Yum Yum. Have fun on the weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos of the big race.

jazsutra said...

Hi Ed, thank yous o much for having us ydy. we had so much fun chatting and oh my your cookies are yummy!!!! can't wait for next year lol!
Can't wait to see you scrap all the beautiful photos take @ Hari Raya. Have a great weekend ;)-jaz

Vivi said...

Hi Ed. Selamat Hari raya Maaf Zahir Batin! Have a nice time ahead and take care!


Cheryl Wray said...

Such AMAZING pictures, and look at all that yummy food!!

sharon Ong said...

aiyo you, very good at making me hungry every time I visit your blog lah! Looks like you had a lovely time! Enjoy F1 this weekend!