Friday, October 9, 2009

So Much Fun

hanging out with my Little Ones :)
did this for Use Your Stash Challenge @
Groovie Scraps Cafe
Cute Moment
this is Aysha back in 1997 :)
What I Want To Be
she was doing her homework about what she wants to be
when she grows up. she showed me her drawing and colouring :)
also inspired by this month's Groovie Cover challenge
recycled the Prima flower packing and used it as a tag
to slot in behind the photo
the other side, painted it, stamped images & rub ons.
used glossy accent over the sentiment stamp and sprinkled some gold dust
Makan Time
this is known as Putu Piring. A local Malay delicacy believed to have its roots coming all the way from South Asia.

Traditionally cottony white in appearance, this spongy yet soft rice cake is served with a generous filling of "gula melaka" (palm sugar). The taste is "luscious, giddying and sinful" when melting hot, especially when taken with the lightly salted grated coconut toppings. The complimenting sweet aroma of the pandan leaves also never fails to keep our customers coming back for more.

A perfect set of putu piring will be ready only after about five minutes, so, be warned that you may have to wait an average of 15-20 minutes during peak periods to have your orders prepared.

But patience has a nack of being rewarded, so like all good things, this one is worth the wait :D

i can have all of these @ one sitting and perhaps a few more more... *rolleyes* love this, must try if you're ever @ this part of the World ;) only $1 for 3 pieces. the taste is similar from anyone selling it but my fave would have to be the one from Mr Teh Tarik stall, somewhere near Geylang. next to The Galaxy to be specific ;) order and eat it at that moment and mmm... let the sugar melt in your mouth! hehe...

hey it's Friday! weekend is near and hope you're in the best of health to enjoy it :)
mine would be 2 days of being in town as early as 8.30am for Aneesa's fashion show that actually begins about 5pm! that's the life but while she's enjoying it, why not. me and the other "Model Moms" will be hanging out and hoping that all will go well and that our kids won't go cranky by the time show begins...

have a fun weekend and stay Groovie! hehe...


~Sasha Farina~ said...

good luck with the show Aneesa!

Je@net said...

Beautiful projects Edleen, you're such a great inspirator!
Have a great week!

Manon Keir said...

oh YUM, that looks and sounds delicious!!! Such inspirational work Ed, love it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xxx

~~Audrey~~ said...

OMG! Remind me the next time I'm down that I want to eat that!!! Gorgeous LOs you have done!