Thursday, November 26, 2009

17 Years

Ron and i celebrate our 17th Year of our
Journey of Togetherness today..hehe
journalled a page about today.
this standing journal made from scratch using cardboard ;)
also made a mini felt Gingerbread man
it was also PSLE Results today and we were nervous and excited like many of the other Parents. met Sham and Congrats to your daughter! :) our son Muesa, we didn't expect him to do fantastically well but he did good for himself. we're pretty Happy and Proud of him :)

this Little Miss received this really cute award on the last day of school :D

November Girls
using Basic Grey kit for Memoiracts.
we're celebrating our Birthdays this month :)
Happy Birthday Rena! Love You!
Little Birdie tweeting a Birthday Song :)
this is the year we change the front number
of our youthful age..hehe
so like a Butterfly, we'll be fluttering @ 40!

this week has seen me trying to re~organise my scrap area.
into my 4th day now in between cooking, cleaning,
going out and entertaining kids!
still nowhere near almost done... maybe 4 more days?
but my space for creating is slightly neater than before ;)
Today is Wukuf in Arafah
With the rising of the sun, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims began their 14 kilometre journey to Arafah from Mina, to take part in the Yawm al Wukuf – the Day of Standing Together Before God – where sins are cleansed and the chance for a new life begins.

The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said: “Haj is Arafah”, making the pilgrimmage to Arafah one of the most central steps in the annual haj performed by millions of Muslims. In his first and only Haj, the Prophet stood at the centre of the al Rahma (Mercy) mountain in Arafah and made prayers.

tomorrow is a holiday for us where Muslims celebrate Eidul Adha. we'll be celebrating and thinking of our loved ones who are performing Haj this year. we hope and pray everyone will be alright and return home safe.

Thank You for coming by. hope you are well and enjoying the holidays :) Take Care, *hugs*


Live Creatively said...

Ed, Very Happy Birthday to you my friend. Hugs.
oh yes, and a Happy Anniversary too :)
Congrats to Muesa and I'm happy for him.
Hope you have had a great Aidil Adha.
Love - Sham

eMeLiNe Seet said...

Happy Anniversary Ed !!

itsaworkofart said...

Salam Ed, Happy Belated B'day! and Happy Anniversary (Belated) Sorry! Wanna say thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to meet you again some day.

Peace n Love : July

Shirley said...

Awwwww! Congrats on your anni! Love the altered art you created for LP! I never have a chance to see you at work even thou we've scrapped so many times! MUST show off your skills next time ok??!!
Meet up soon ya! Miss you gals!

Cheryl Wray said...

Happy Anniversary!!! May you have many, many years together!

Je@net said...

Happy belated birthday and anniversary, Ed! Hope you had a beautiful day!
Enjoy the Holidays and have a great month!