Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Favourite Food

simple album of my Favourite Food for CardsnScraps :)

we're truly lucky living in this part of Aisa and being able
to enjoy different flavours from all over the world!
and one can never go wrong with Pizza :D


some Local Delights we enjoy

made a pocket to slot in tag with other fave food list ;)

Hello Desserts!

Ice~Cream and just had to add another iced~blended Mocha

isn't she right? ;)

i wanted to "house" my Fave Food album. so altered this Prima box. this is the front look, i'm Javanese, i like Java aroma :D i also wanted the scallop border to make it look like the shopfront of a Cafe ;)

back...i've got a few of those cards ;)


Thanks for peeking!

it's Sunday evening here. hope you had a lovely weekend :)
and Welcome November!!! yeah...time truly flies. but i Love November. it's my Special month with an Anniversary and Birthday coming up :D

everything All Thanks to the One & Only, God Almighty :)

and of course, Thank You Family & Friends for coming by my humble blog. appreciate you spending the few minutes here and leaving sweet and kind words. although sweeter when getting emails, text messages and telling me personally that you've read my blog! hehe...

Enjoy November and put on a Smile. you'll feel good.
i guarantee ;) Take Care!


Cheryl Wray said...

What a GREAT idea!!!

Mazlina said...

WOW ED!!! This is just awesome!!! LOve it love it!!! a yummy album indeed!

Princess Gizmo said...

Hi Ed! Wow..Lovely album! Those foods make me go hungry laa.. Hehehe..

So are you going to Laine's later? Wish I'm in Singapore right now.. *sigh*..I can only use my VIP card when I get there..

Live Creatively said...

Delicious Album Ed..Love the front of that Prima very classy and very coffee like.
Somebody's getting older eh?

Manon Keir said...

It's gorgeous, right up your alley hey!!! Hope you have a lovely November!!!

Linn said...

wow! this is so awesome! :)
Lots of beautiful details.

I also have welcomed november, I had my first day with snow yesterday and it was so beautiful outside. :) the first day with snow is always magical :)

I always smile when I visit your blog, take care :)

sharon Ong said...

So cool - I love the idea of how you 'housed' your album in the box - very nice!!!

Vivs said...

Its a COOL-EST album Ed! :)

Aga said...

Mmmmm delicous looking album Ed :) and I love the box idea.... so clever!
Aga xx

Je@net said...

Wow Ed, what a beautiful project! Love the book and love the box!! Great job girl!

Stef said...

hahaha I see a Mr Teh drink there :p I want an ice blended milo lol. And maybe some prata coin and satay :p

Love the Album :D

**ScrapcoLLector** said...

Hi i love all your creation..and one thing you said you are javanese? indonesian?